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High Quality Mattresses for Everyone – Purple

Utilizing the exclusive GelFlex Grid, Purple mattresses provide excellent support and localized pressure relief. Only Purple mattresses have the GelFlex Grid. The Grid is made of hyper-elastic material that reduces pressure, provides support and instantly adapts as you move. Plus, it doesn't trap body heat. 

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Cooling Technology

Purple's GelFlex material lets air flow and body heat escape, keeping you cool.


Purple mattresses are made with recyclable, food-grade material.


Purple Grid material is CleanAir GOLD and CertiPUR-US certified.

Purple Mattress Collections

Purple - GelFlex Grid

20+ Years of Reinventing Comfort

Traditional mattresses either dial up the firmness to support your back or opt for softness and localized pressure relief. Only Purple mattresses have the GelFlex Grid – which provides both. Simultaneously. The Grid is made of a hyper-elastic material that reduces pressure, provides support, and instantly adapts as you move. Plus, it doesn’t trap body heat!

Made in the USA

Purple's GelFlex Grid is produced in the United States by an efficient, economical machine called Mattress Max, that creates minimal waste and allows them to create revolutionary mattresses at affordable prices.

Better Sleep, Better World

Aireloom LiftTM is a patented technology that increases areas of low pressure when you lie on the mattress. It creates a chamber between the springs and the mattress’s upper layer, and you get to experience a distinctive ‘lift’ and a hug-like sensation. The mattress also contours against your body more efficiently, providing superior elevation and support.

Our Customers Love Us And We Love Them!

John listened to my need and cost and looked at my choice of mattress. I loved how he did not try to sell me another mattress. No pressure! John answered all my questions and arranged to have my mattress delivered on Monday-it's Saturday.
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JessTheBest I.


My boyfriend and I went in not knowing what we wanted Both the sales people that helped us were very knowledgeable and very helpful I would highly recommend Mancinis Sleepworld Novato
Kelly Sanchez


Myyyy goodness! My husband and I laid on about ten mattresses and swapped back and forth between two of them many many times. At no point did we feel pressured to hurry up and make a decision! The customer service was incredible and Brandon made sure that we were getting what we wanted and understood the differences between each mattress! I highly recommend anyone not sure of what they want or 100% sure of what they want to go to Mancini's Sleepworld in Concord!!!
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Emily Greenhouse


Craig "Dino" made our mattress purchase an easy and great experience. Dino was very honest and his customer service was great. Thank you for selling us a good quality mattress with no hassle.
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Alfredo M.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of mattresses?

Comfort and support form a vital part of a mattress, and every mattress differs based on what’s in them. We offer different types of mattresses including: 

a. Innerspring Mattress - This mattress uses sturdy metal coils to form the support core of the mattress and is topped with comfort layers made of one or more materials like latex, polyfoam, or memory foam to deliver high-end performance.

b. Memory Foam Mattress - This mattress is built utilizing memory foam technology developed by NASA that allows the mattress to resist motion transfer and shapeup to compliment your body’s contours. This mattress elevates stress from your body’s pressure points and offers relief to aching joints and muscles.

c. Hybrid Mattress - This mattress combines high-quality springs with foam to provide improved pressure relief and advanced breathability. It is ideal for side sleepers and offers the ultimate support and comfort to their shoulders, hips, and spine.

d. Gel Mattress – This mattress combines memory foam and gel, thus creating a comfortable mattress that molds to the body and provides better support to the spine. Gel also works to absorb the body heat, providing a cooler surface to sleep on.

What are the different sizes of mattresses?

Mattress size is also a vital decision to take into consideration while making a buying decision. A mattress for an adult differs from that for a toddler. We provide you with a mattress size guide to help you choose the mattress that perfectly suits our requirements. The different sizes that we offer include:

A. Twin Mattress – This mattress is the smallest standard bed mattress size available. This mattress is approximately 39 inches wide and 75inches long and fits a twin bed perfectly. 

B. Twin XL Mattress - Compared to the standard twin mattresses, twin XL mattresses are39 inches wide and 80 inches long, providing that additional length for growing teens and taller adults. 

C. Full-Size Mattress – This mattress is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long offering a little more length and width than a twin XL mattress.

D. Queen Mattress - At 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, queen-size best for couples who have a smaller master bedroom.

E. King Mattress - A King sized bed measures76 inches wide and 80 inches long and is the second-largest mattress size available on market. This mattress is also available in various comfort levels from extra firm to medium to plush comfort.

What are the different mattress offerings based on Comfort?

Choosing the mattress based on comfort is vital for a good night’s sleep. We offer varying comfort grades ranging from Soft to Extra Firm. Our different mattress offerings include:

a. Soft Mattress - This mattress is best for side sleepers who may experience pressure buildup in their shoulders and hips if they sleep on a firm surface. This mattress can prevent this from happening since they allow you to sink in more.

b. Medium Mattress - This mattress is best for moderate-weight sleepers and works well for most sleeping positions by offering good pressure relief.

c. Firm Mattress - This mattress is best for back and stomach sleepers. It provides better elevation and helps distribute your weight. This mattress also offers multiple health benefits for back sleepers.

d. Extra Firm Mattress - This mattress is best suited for back and stomach sleepers who need additional support to remain elevated and get pressure relief. This mattress can also help manage chronic back pain and promote better spine alignment for back sleepers.

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