For a comfortable and healthy sleep, it is essential to own the right-sized mattress and bed. The right size will provide the comfort you and your partner need in bed without disturbing each other. Several studies depict that mattress size is one of the leading factors for couples when choosing a bed. 

The selection of bed size is a personal choice which makes it the leading factor. Several other factors are involved, and you will know them as you keep reading this blog. 

Couples need more extensive beds for numerous reasons, and one of them is sleeping crossways. For example, if you or your partner sleeps crossways, then you surely need a larger bed to have and provide enough space to each other. The way you or your partner sleeps plays a vital role in deciding the size of mattress you need to own. See what our sleep experts have to say about the best bed size for couples. 

If you think it’s going to be expensive, there are ways you can save money but buying a smaller bed than you need is not wise. You will regret the decision of owning a small bed later, and it’ll be too late by then. You will have to start rebuying a new mattress and return the one you bought recently. Isn’t it a tedious task? Yes, it is!

Another factor to consider before buying a new bed is to measure the space. It would help if you decided where the bed will fit and the ambiance it’s creating. Also, you should make sure it’s not disturbing your movement or causing difficulties indoor movement either. 

What is the Best Mattress for Couples?

The top brand known for manufacturing the best mattresses for couples is Nectar mattresses. They create mattresses and beds in all following sizes,

  • Nectar Queen Mattress

The most common and preferred mattress size among US citizens is a queen mattress by Nectar. This bed is big enough to accommodate two people. It provides the comfort you and your partner need without disturbing each other while sleeping. The shift movement is so natural that the other person won’t even feel it unless you jump up and down on the bed. 

The size is so optimal that it will give you space and keeps you close enough if you decide to cuddle while sleeping. The size of a standard queen size bed is 60 by 80 inches. This size allows your kids and pets also to share the bed with you and your spouse occasionally. The queen bed size is not just for your bedroom but is perfect for teenagers’ rooms and guest rooms in your home. 

  • Nectar King Mattress

The king-size mattresses are the second most-used bed by couples in America after queen size. This mattress size is more generous than queen and provides more space too. You can relax more comfortably and also stretch out your body. This bed is usually preferred by those who have crossways sleeping habits in bed. The size of a king mattress is 76 by 80 inches, making it twice the twin XL bed size. 

IF you have a large enough room, this bed size is perfect for you and your partner. Also, if your child sleeps with you, then king size is a must-have size for you. The size of a king-size bed gives you endless possibilities like reading a book by sitting sideways or letting your kid take their first steps with caution. 

  • Nectar Twin Mattress

A twin mattress size is for couples, but young couples like children through mid-teens. For example, this mattress is perfect for young children and their friends or a sleepover for teenagers. The lifespan of this mattress is optimal for them to grow in and out of bed. The size of a twin mattress is roughly 38 by 75 inches long enough for them to cross puberty. 

Benefits of Owning the Right Beds for Couples

You must own a mattress that serves all your needs like comfort, intimacy, painless sleep, and many others. The best way to find such a mattress is to visit a mattress store and try out the available mattresses and beds. The benefits you are looking out for include:

  • Healthy sleeping experience

It is crucial to have the perfect bed size and a mattress which can isolate motion transfer since you are not sleeping alone. When you sleep with your partner and they wake up to pee or for water, their motion transfer can wake you up. However, with the right mattress size like a Nectar queen mattress, you don’t have to worry about that. 

When you have a peaceful night of sleep, your functioning for the day is better, and you are also stress-free. With motion transfer mattresses, you won’t wake up when they toss or turn in their sleep. 

  • Better Intimacy

Many sleep research institutes, including Sleep Science, suggest that their intimacy increases when couples are in comfortable beds. This increase in intimacy helps in strengthening the relationship and bond you share with your partner. Surveys conclude that couples with a comfortable mattress size are closer to each other and have a long-lasting relationship than others who don’t. 

  • Go Back or Joint Pain

If you don’t have a mattress that can support your height, you will have to sleep in weird positions to fit in. It would help if you always avoided that and thus get a mattress size that supports you in every possible way. That perfect mattress size will not just promote a good night’s sleep but will also relieve you from other joint and back pains. There are other factors for pain relief with the right mattress but sleeping on the right mattress size is also among the crucial ones. 

Where to Find the Best Mattress Size for Couples?

Finding a perfect model you and your partner can rely on may be challenging to find. However, it becomes more accessible with proper guidance. For example, sleep experts at Mancini’s Sleepworld mattresses will take you through all the available mattresses and beds they have. Not only that, they will only show you mattresses as per your specific requirements. Isn’t that amazing? So, visit Mancini’s Sleepworld today and find that perfect mattress for you and your partner. They are available in more than 34 locations near you!