Do you remember your dreams? Dreams are a universal human experience, yet, upon waking, many people don’t remember that they’ve dreamt at all. It’s thought, though, that even people who don’t remember their dreams are still dreaming 3-6 times each night, with each dream lasting from 5-20 minutes. Assuming you remember your dreams, do you believe that they mean something? About 43 percent of people in the United States believe that dreams have a deeper meaning, representing subconscious feelings and desires.

There are other theories about dreams as well. Some experts believe that dreams are just interpretations of random brain and body signals during sleep. Others think dreams are a form of psychotherapy or the result of your brain processing information. Whatever our reason for dreaming, people who remember their dreams report many of the same images and themes. What are the prevailing theories about common dreams?

  • If you dream about falling, you may need to change direction in some aspect of your life. Falling dreams often indicate anxiety, stress, and fear of failure. They can mean something in your life is not going well- with a couple of notable exceptions. If you’re happily free-falling, you’re probably excited about an upcoming change. If you’re falling underwater, you may be in love.
  • Dreams of public nudity tend to be about insecurity. These dreams are thought to indicate a fear of revealing your flaws and shortcomings, or of being exposed.
  • Dreaming of being chased may mean there’s something in your life you’d rather avoid. It could indicate that you’d like to escape from your own fears, desires, or feelings, or that something in your life is scaring you. Sometimes facing your real-life problems directly instead of trying to get away from them can put a stop to chase dreams.
  • Dreams of lost or broken teeth can have multiple meanings. They sometimes indicate a concern about physical appearance, but may also mean that you feel powerless or that you’re struggling to communicate and express yourself.
  • Flying dreams can be both exciting and frightening. Some believe that flying dreams relate to sexuality and freedom, while others believe they represent a desire to escape.
  • If you dream of dying, you may be anxious about change. You may be mourning the passage of time, or you may be processing feelings about something of which you feel you need to take control.

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