You’ve no doubt heard by now that you should probably be getting more sleep. Sleep deprivation seems to be a major problem these days, and yet even though we know this, some of us are still having trouble getting enough rest. If you’re one of those people who always feels sleep-deprived, could your bedroom be to blame? Do you know what color walls are best for sleeping? And how much does room color really play a part in a good night’s sleep?

According to recent research, the color of your room has a definite impact on the quality of your sleep. Just as restaurants choose colors that will stimulate appetite, and advertisers look for colors that will draw attention to their brand and create excitement, sleep researchers have determined that certain colors are best for promoting relaxation and good sleep habits. So which are the winners? Drum roll, please…

  • Blue takes first place! This really isn’t surprising, because blue is associated with calmness and can even help reduce blood pressure and heart rate. A recent study found that people who sleep in blue rooms average 7 hours and 52 minutes of sleep each night. What’s more, almost 60 percent of blue bedroom owners reported waking up happy.
  • It may surprise you to learn that yellow is second on the list. It may seem like an exciting color, but yellow was close on blue’s heels, with people averaging 7 hours and 42 minutes of sleep in yellow rooms. And who wouldn’t wake up happy in a cheerful yellow room?
  • Green’s calm vibes make it a natural for the next spot in the top. Green bedroom sleepers averaged 7 hours and 36 minutes and woke up feeling positive and upbeat.
  • Orange creates a warm and cozy feel for a bedroom. Orange bedrooms promoted about 7 and a half hours of sleep, perhaps because the color seems to help with digestion and relaxation.

So what are the worst colors for a good night’s rest? Purple is thought to be entirely too stimulating. In fact, people who sleep in purple rooms are more likely to have vivid nightmares! Gray is uninspired and depressing, and brown is drab and gloomy, so it’s not surprising that both of those colors can cause depressed feelings and restlessness. Red, on the other hand, is too passionate and energetic to promote sleeping.

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