Before the arrival of a baby, most parents put a lot of thought into designing the perfect nursery.  There’s plenty of time to think about it, carefully choosing a theme and dreaming of the day you’ll bring your little one home to a beautiful cozy room. Fast forward to the time when your toddler is climbing out of the crib, the soft baby décor seems out of place, and you suddenly want a room that’s sturdier than it is dreamy, and you may find yourself lacking time and ideas to make the necessary changes. Not to worry! We’ve got you covered, with suggestions for turning your nursery into a picture-perfect big kid room.

  • If you haven’t yet outfitted the nursery for the new baby, stop and think about how brief infancy actually is. When you realize that your baby will be a preschooler in the blink of an eye, you’ll understand the wisdom of an age-neutral bedroom. Opt for bright colors or think about combining traditional baby colors with more mature colors, so that you can switch out décor items and take the room from baby to big kid with ease. Hanging shelves on which to place little décor items, rather than covering the walls with large pieces of art, will make it easier to redecorate later, as will using wall decals instead of wallpaper. It’s also smart to purchase furniture that can grow with your child. A bed that goes from crib to toddler bed to full-size bed is a smart investment, and a dresser with a changing pad is more flexible than a full-fledged changing table.
  • Know when the time is right to make the shift. Unless you have an urgent need that compels you to evict your toddler from the crib, there’s really no reason to rush the process. Most kids make the move between the ages of eighteen months and three years of age, but the real indicators are your child’s readiness. If he or she is climbing over the rail, is potty-trained, or really wants to move to a big-kid bed, that means it’s time. When you ditch the crib, redecorating the room to accommodate a growing child will be the logical next step.
  • Make the move to a big kid room as smooth as possible. Involve your child in choosing furniture and décor, making the transition something exciting and fun. Don’t switch your child’s room immediately before he or she starts a new school or welcomes a new sibling, but allow time for adjustment to each new phase.
  • Look beyond style to create functionality. Consider storage that will grow with your child, like cubbies with wicker baskets and bookshelves in neutral tones. Provide space for your child to pursue his or her interests, allowing plenty of floor space for pretend play. Consider taking a Montessori approach to room décor, keeping it simple while allowing free access to interesting and educational things to explore. Arrange things in stations, so that children can easily move from activity to activity, using their senses and their imagination.
  • Consider forgoing the toddler bed. It’s fun to move a toddler into one of those cute, tiny beds that are just the right size, but is it practical? Consider purchasing a twin or even full-sized bed with a good mattress, installing a guard rail to prevent the child from tumbling out in the night.

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