You don’t always have control over the space in your home. A small
bedroom can make you feel cramped and can even affect your sleep at night.
There are ways, however, to accommodate your tight space with
smart bedroom furniture and arrangements. Read on for more furniture solutions for small rooms.

Bed Solutions

A bed can be your most helpful tool when it comes to fitting all the necessary
amenities into a small room. You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice
bed size to make it work. A daybed offers a unique solution by providing
a way to double your
bed as daytime furniture. Daybeds come in all kinds of attractive styles. They can act as couches,
store things in pull out drawers, and can be decorated with pillows and
throws for comfortable lounging. Daybeds make great guest beds, especially
when space is limited. A bed with underneath storage space or built-in
shelves can be a lifesaver.

Collapsible or Multi-Use Furniture

Sometimes a tight space can best be navigated by folding your furniture
up when not in use. Collapsing furniture can be especially helpful if
you use your bedroom for more than just sleeping. Some desks, shelves,
and lighting fixtures can be collapsed or folded to create more room.
Additionally, multi-use furniture can provide the perfect solution for
space in your bedroom. Ottomans provide storage, as well as a place to
sit. Dressers can double as desks or nightstands, and storage can be snuck
into most any kind of furniture.

Arrangement Solutions

When arranging your bedroom furniture, pay some mind to the layout of the
room. Try to place your bed along the longest wall with at least three
feet between it and the door. Choose small furniture with many drawers
or shelves, if possible. Place surfaces, such as a desk or chest, at the
end of your bed to maximize wall space. Shelves that hang on the wall
can help open up more space, as well.

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