You’ve probably heard that your bedroom should be a haven, free of screens and distractions, designed to be a place of rest. For some people, though, the bedroom serves more than one purpose. Maybe you live in a house with limited space, or with so many people that your personal space is limited. What do you do in that circumstance? Must you really have a bedroom that’s a dedicated sleeping space if you’re going to get a good night’s sleep?  

Maybe not. It’s important to make your bed a sanctuary, a place where the only activities are sleep and sex. Experts agree that there are several different things you should never do in bed, including looking at any screen, whether it’s a phone, a tablet, or a television. It’s not good to keep looking at the clock, to think too much about your day, to argue with your partner, or eat in bed. Listening to music to help you relax may seem like a good idea, but research shows that music spikes your dopamine and takes you further away from the state you need to enter to fall asleep.  

All that being said, you don’t have to make your whole bedroom a sleep retreat. Instead, you can create zones within the room, dedicated to different pursuits. For instance, if you need to fit an office into your bedroom, this can easily be done with a desk that faces away from the bed, preferably offering a view through a window, with a supportive and comfortable chair. By facing away from the bed when you work, you’ll be providing some psychological separation between work and sleep, but it’s also smart to create as much physical separation as can be managed in your space. Dealing with too small of a space to create much separation? If you have an available closet, you can get creative and put your office in it. This may not seem like the optimal solution, but it works when your space is tight. You can also put your desk behind a curtain or a folding screen, to create the illusion of distance.  

A reading nook is a great idea in any bedroom, with a comfortable chair and a light to illuminate your reading. A small bookshelf can serve both as storage for books and as an end table on which to place a drink or your reading glasses. Television viewing, however, is best left in other rooms of the house. If you must have a TV in your bedroom, consider putting it into an entertainment center with doors that close and hide it when it’s not in use. Close those doors before bed, so you won’t be tempted to allow the television to interrupt your sleep. 

Do you need a place to eat in your bedroom? A place to apply makeup and do your hair? A small table in one corner of the room can easily be pulled out for an en suite meal, and hanging a mirror over it makes it work as a vanity. Look for creative ways to put your furniture to use, carefully considering the different ways you’ll want to use your bedroom.  

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