When you’re shopping for a mattress, shouldn’t you also be looking for the best bedding? If it’s been a while since you shopped for bedding, you might not know where to start. How do you choose the right bedding for your room, and what fabric makes for the best sheets? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, with some helpful tips.

  • Choosing a bed cover depends largely on your overall décor. For an old-fashioned look, a quilt might be perfect, especially if it’s a piece of art created by a loved one. Bedspreads, the lightweight covers that go all the way to the floor, are uncommon today but can look good in a retro room. Comforters are thick bed covers filled with down or down-substitute and are perfect for kids’ rooms or for shopping on a budget. Duvets are the most popular option, and they’re actually just comforters that fit into a cover, for easier washing.
  • Sheets come in many different fabrics. Cotton percale is cool and crisp, while cotton sateen is shinier and smoother. Oxford sheets are a bit heavier, made from the same material as Oxford shirts, and Jersey is soft and stretchy like a t-shirt. Cotton-poly blends are easy to care for, and while flannel is cozy, it tends to pill.
  • Thread count is important. Higher thread count means better sheets, but beware. Some manufacturers use 2-ply thread and claim double the thread count. Make sure you’re buying single ply for a true thread count.
  • Fitted sheets or flat: the great debate. Until 1959, there was no discussion of fitted vs flat sheets, because flat was the only sheet. Tucked in around the mattress, they were layered with a top sheet between the sleeper and the bedcover. Once the public embraced fitted sheets, they became the standard, protecting the mattress and resting under the fitted sheet and comforter. Now many younger people are eschewing flat sheets, using just a fitted sheet and duvet with cover. Other people are using only flat sheets, in the old style, because they don’t like dealing with the fitted sheet’s elastic that often pops off of the mattress. Just to throw something else into the mix, some people use flat sheets on top of their fitted sheets, to protect them, with another flat sheet on top of the sleeper, to protect the duvet. It’s subjective, but we think it’s best not to have the duvet cover directly on your skin.

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