The average person buys three to five mattresses during his lifetime, and
most people have visited multiple mattress stores in search of the perfect
bed and mattress. In ancient times, a person might keep the same mattress
for his entire life, and most mattresses were handmade at home. Here is
a look back at the complex and surprising history of the mattress.

The Earliest Beds and Mattresses

Beds were created about 10,000 years ago during the Neolithic Age. In 3400
BCE, rich Egyptians constructed beds out of raised pallets made of ebony
or gold. Commoners slept on
mattresses constructed from heaps of palm bows. During the Roman Empire, the first
luxury beds were designed. Mattresses were stuffed with reeds, hay, wool,
or feathers. During the Renaissance, mattresses were stuffed with straw,
pea shucks, or feathers, and covered with velvet, brocade, or silk.

Introduction of Spring Mattresses, Futons, and Memory Foam Mattresses

By the late 18
th century, beds were crafted from iron, and mattresses were made from cotton.
In 1865, the first coil spring mattress was introduced, and by the 1930s,
innerspring mattresses were increasingly common. The futon was developed
in the 1940s, and foam mattresses and pillows in the 1950s.

The Complex Designs and Features of the Modern Mattress

When you visit your local mattress store, you have hundreds of options
for mattress designs and materials. You can choose between mattresses
of various firmness levels, and have the choice of a memory foam mattress,
waterbed, spring mattress, latex mattress, or an organic, all-natural
mattress. You can also find mattresses with advanced features that allow
you to adjust the position of the bed to improve your posture and sleep.

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