Sleeping Girl on the bed

If you want to get a great night of sleep, you have to arm yourself with a high-quality mattress. Luckily, the iComfort Sleep System brings all of the best features of a Serta mattress together with new technology that revolutionizes the way you get to sleep. Keep reading to see how the iComfort will improve every aspect of your sleeping, and waking, life:

It Has Gel Memory Foam Memory foam mattresses offer the support your body needs to stay comfortable while asleep. Memory foam is more likely to retain heat, however, which is why Serta created the Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam. Not only does this mattress relieve pressure points on your body, but also keeps you nice and cool throughout the night.

It Can Resist Allergens With its antimicrobial and dust mite resistance, the iComfort is able to protect your bed from allergens that can affect your health. Updating to this mattress can actually reduce allergic reactions, like congestion and respiratory problems.

It Comes with a 120-Day In-Home Trial This Serta mattress has such a high success rate that it comes with a trial period of 120 days. In this time, you can test out the mattress to make sure it really meets all of your sleeping needs. If you are not completely in love, you can return or exchange the mattress.

It Has a 25-Year Limited Warranty Serta is so confident in the iComfort Sleep System that they include a 25-year limited warranty. You can finally own a mattress that helps you get to sleep and a warranty that ensures you will be able to enjoy blissful rest for many, many years.

Mancini’s Sleepworld proudly sells the iComfort Sleep System and many other top mattress brands to help you make the most of every night spent sleeping. Whether you want memory foam or an adjustable mattress, we have what you’re looking for. With 28 locations in Northern California, we can easily meet all of your needs. Call (800) 641-5337 to learn more.