No matter how great your bedroom furniture may look in your master bedroom,
you should make sure it’s also comfortable. You’ll spend a
great deal of time using your bed, so you want it to be as pleasant to
sleep on as it is to look at.

The Simmons Beautyrest Comfort Scale ranks mattresses by their level of
firmness. The firmest mattresses are at the bottom of the scale, while
the softest are at the top. Firmer mattresses offer more support, but
they don’t come with much cushioning. Mattresses that rank near
the top of the scale are the softest, and they’re great for people
who are looking for cushioning and comfort rather than firmness and rigidity.
Near the middle of the Comfort Scale, you’ll find mattresses that
compromise firmness and softness to both support the body and cushion it.

Use your new knowledge of the Simmons
Beautyrest Comfort Scale to find the perfect mattress for your bedroom in San Francisco.
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