Everyone needs a little “me” time now and then, and what better way to enjoy it than in a private sitting area in your own bedroom? A cozy sitting nook can transform your master bedroom into a private retreat intended for reading, meditating, or perhaps bird watching near the window. With a little inspiration and a trip to the mattress store for new bedroom furniture, you can easily create your own private retreat.

Determining the Best Location

You may need to adjust the arrangement of your current bedroom furniture to make room for your new sitting area. Ideally, the best place for a sitting nook is right by a window. You’ll be able to enjoy the view and have natural sunlight while you read. If your bedroom is too small to carve out a corner for your sitting area, the next best place to locate it is at the foot of your bed. Place a cozy loveseat along the footboard, anchoring a small area rug.

Choosing a Seating Option

If you don’t plan to use a loveseat for your master bedroom sitting area, you’ve got a few other great choices. An overstuffed, cushiony recliner will give you a cozy place to curl up with a book or a knitting project on a rainy day. Or, recline in style on a chaise lounge. If your bedroom doesn’t have much spare space, you can downsize with a cushioned, non-wheeled desk chair.

Decorating Your Space

When decorating your sitting area, take your cue from the rest of the bedroom. You can choose fabric upholstery for your seating in colors that complement the rest of your bedroom furniture and wall colors. Add a floor lamp with a brushed bronze look, and lay down a circular area rug. Add a small occasional table to the side of your chair if you’re pressed for space, or choose a slightly larger table to hold jigsaw puzzles and board games if your bedroom can accommodate it.

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