For many people, the headboard is the focal point of the bedroom. Most of the time, the bed is at the center of the room’s décor, and all of the other pieces are chosen to complement it. Browsing a furniture website or strolling through a store, though, you might be amazed and overwhelmed at how many headboard options are available! How do you choose the one that will suit your sensibilities, fit with your home décor style, and serve you well for many years? We’ve got some tips that might help.

  • Consider the lines. Horizontal lines give a sense of control and stability, while too many vertical lines can cause stress. That’s why traditionally, headboards were created with two vertical posts and an expanse of headboards between them. Keeping the headboard simple works for most people, and going with horizontal lines is harmonious because of the horizontal lines of the mattress. Ultimately, though, the design is subjective and should suit your tastes while complementing the other bedroom furniture.
  • Decide on your material. Wooden headboards are very traditional, as are wrought iron. While wooden headboards tend to be simple, though, wrought iron uses decorative designs that combine straight and curved lines. Current trends include upholstered headboards, brass headboards, brick headboards, mirrored headboards, and headboards made of bamboo. There’s really no right or wrong when you’re looking at headboard materials, as long as you choose something that won’t clash with your room.
  • Look for a headboard the right size for your room. You don’t want a headboard that’s too large or too small for the room, because it will end up looking out of place. The size of the headboard reflects your aesthetic sensibilities as well, because a larger headboard can make a bold statement, while a smaller headboard creates a minimalistic look. Another factor in headboard size is the height of the people who will be using the bed. If someone very tall will be sitting up in the bed, a short headboard will make this uncomfortable.
  • Choose colors wisely. Your bedroom should be a peaceful, soothing place, so you’ll want to avoid any garish colors or dissonant hues. That being said, a color that is in dramatic contrast with your wall color can create an eye-catching effect. Just make sure to stick to a color palette that is primarily composed of natural tones and calming colors like blue and grey.
  • Think about function as well as form. If storage is at a premium in your bedroom, for instance, you might consider a headboard that incorporates storage. Do you like to read in bed? A headboard with built-in lighting might be a good fit for you.

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