Loft beds and bunk beds are similar and can both improve a kid’s
room, but they are not quite the same. If you’re looking for a
new bed for your child’s room, you and your child might consider both of these options. Find help in
choosing between a loft and bunk bed for your child by reading on.


Bunk beds tend to be used in camping cabins where a bunch of people need
to fit in the same room. If your only child has grown accustomed to sleeping
higher up, you can still recreate that experience with just one bed. A
loft bed is like a bunk bed, but there is no second bed underneath. Instead,
there’s a space where your child can read, play board games, or
do homework. Depending on the model you choose, you can even add a computer
to a desk on the lower level. This can be ideal for only children or kids
who have their own rooms.

Bunk Beds

A bunk bed is the same as a loft bed, except there’s another mattress
on the lower level rather than an open space. This can clear up some room
and help you and your kids crack down on clutter. Bunk beds make it so
two beds take up the same amount of horizontal space as one, which is
perfect for kids who share their rooms with their siblings.

Saving Space

Lofts and bunk beds will both come in handy if you’re trying to save
space in your child’s room. Bunk beds can be especially useful if
you have multiple children sharing the same room, as they make use of
vertical space instead of horizontal space. That means you have more room
on the floor for other furniture, and your children still have room to play.

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