Adjustable base beds and smart beds are among the most versatile sleep systems available. If you’ve always used a traditional-style mattress, you may never have considered how a smart bed can accommodate and improve your sleeping style. If you're looking for an alternative to help your sleep position at night, or to help you stop interrupting snores, adjustable beds might be the right product for you.

Though a smart bed is technically an adjustable base bed, not all adjustable base mattresses come with the same bells and whistles as modern smart beds. Adjustable base beds and smart beds have a few distinct differences:

  • Zero gravity adjustable beds technically refer to the adjustable power base frame, which can raise and lower to meet the needs of a sleeper into a zero gravity position to relieve pressure points
  • Smart beds take adjustable bed functionality to the next level with the use of sensor technology to further customize the sleeping experience, and automatically learn how to adapt to one’s sleeping habits

What is an adjustable base bed?

If it’s your first foray into the world of adjustable beds, get ready to be amazed. These aren’t the hospital beds you thought they were; in fact, modern adjustable mattresses with adjustable legs can offer the highest level of customizable comfort. 

Zero gravity adjustable bed frames offer flexibility at the head and foot of the bed to flex the mattress according to the angle required by the user. Modern adjustable beds are still plenty savvy, with USB plugs, app control settings, and more.

Adjustable beds can come in a variety of sizes but are often sold as king adjustable bases. In addition to king mattresses, buyers also have the option of choosing between California king, split king, twin xl, and queen sizes. Split adjustable beds offer partners the opportunity to choose not only a different mattress type, but choose different comfort settings so they can always find comfortable sleep in their favorite position.

What are features of a smart bed?

In addition to being built on an adjustable base to allow for head and foot elevations, many added features help these beds stand apart from the pack. Technology incorporated into smart adjustable bases rely on sensors that learn a user’s sleeping habits and optimize features. 

Smart bed features include:

  • Built-in adjustable base
  • Smart home technology
  • App-controlled settings
  • Adjustable head settings (pillow tilt)
  • Anti-snore settings
  • Wireless remote control
  • USB charging ports
  • Smart fabric technology
  • Climate control, including “pre-warming”
  • Preset comfort configurations and targeted manual settings for added customization
  • Customizable firmness and comfort
  • Sleep tracking, including breathing rate and heart rate
  • Under bed lighting
  • Massage feature

Adjustable bed bases are usually available in queen and king sizes, and smart beds can come as either single mattresses, or split king or queen mattresses to offer single sleepers and partners an equally comfortable experience.

Can I use a regular mattress on an adjustable base bed?

No, “regular” innerspring mattresses are too rigid for an adjustable bed, but that said, many mainstream mattresses do have flexibility, and are compatible with adjustable bases. Flexible mattress types such as latex foam and memory foam mattresses are best suited for an adjustable bed. Some hybrid mattresses are also flexible enough to work well on the adjustable base; however, traditional innerspring mattresses that require a box spring cannot be used. 

Say goodbye to the box spring when you buy an adjustable bed. The framework of the adjustable bed base itself replaces the need for a traditional, rigid box spring.

Furthermore, be aware that though headboards are still compatible with adjustable beds, it's not as easy to incorporate a footboard as it interferes with the recliner movement and articulation of the mattress.

How do I choose the right adjustable base bed?

Though adjustable beds are priced competitively with high quality mattresses, smart mattresses come with a higher price tag (sometimes as much as double). For many buyers, finding the right option to fit their needs is worth the price tag. Smart beds come loaded with added features that provide comfort above and beyond the capabilities of a traditional bed, and promote good general health, and sleep health, too. 

If you’re a sleeper with any range of sleep-induced symptoms including upper body pain, back pain, or less common sleep apnea, acid reflux, edema, and breathing difficulties that induce sleep apnea and snoring, an adjustable smart bed can make all the difference for your comfort and wellbeing. Side sleepers and back sleepers alike can find added comfort from an adjustable bed, as it can be set to better contour the shape of your resting body.

What is the best smart bed?

Mancini’s Sleepworld carries a variety of the best adjustable beds and smart beds, including the well-reviewed Beautyrest Black adjustable bed and Tempur-Pedic mattresses. Mattresses and adjustable beds can be purchased separately, but the sales team can also work with you to purchase both products and guarantee compatibility and functionality to meet the needs of any new or existing bed frame at your home.

Mattresses and adjustable beds come with manufacturer and store warranties; some even offering a 10-year warranty on the power base itself.

For more information, please get in touch with our sales team so they can help you buy your new bed.