i decided to replace my 12-year-old Queen size bed-- too big for my space, too soft to give enough support anymore, etc-- so i knew what i needed. given that, i was able to get in and out with a purchase made in (literally) about 15 minutes. i shook hands with the store manager, said that i wanted a full size mattress, very firm, inexpensive but not bottom of the line... 

the manager knew the products and was able to tell my how the specific mattresses were constructed and why some would be better for what i wanted than others. he showed me to one, and when i asked the price (which was very reasonable), he read my little flicker of an expression and cheerfully asked if i was maybe looking for something even less expensive, but would still last me a while?-- rather than trying to sell me on going for the higher-ticket item. THANK YOU! i admit, i was a little nervous about cost, but i felt zero pressure to buy anything that cost more than i wanted to spend!!

the less-expensive item was more firm and more comfortable to me, so i won both ways. i only needed a mattress (no box spring or frame), and the manager was great about getting me set up for a delivery and removal. the value for the mattress alone is super-great, and factoring that i don't drive, the removal of my old bed and delivery of the new one is a HUGE (HUGE!) added bonus.

delivery: drivers came within the two-hour window they scheduled, and expediently carted my (ginat) old bed out and brought the new one in. also inside of 15 minutes. 

i could not have asked for an easier experience, and i am very pleased with the value i got for my money (i loooove my new bed), as well as how i felt like i received the same level of service i would have if i were buying a $2000 bed. thanks!

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