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Style Your Home

Style Your Home

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  1. 4 Must-have furniture pieces for your bedroom

    Your bedroom needs to be a sleep sanctuary you’ll crave to enter every night after a tiring day. Whether it is your new home or a renovation, getting the design right for the bedroom is of utmost importance.

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  2. Style your bedroom LIKE A BOSS!

    Create your very own at-home oasis right in your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a place of complete relaxation where you can retreat after a long day. While there is no right or wrong while styling your bedroom, a

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  3. Enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom with mirrors

    Have you observed how miraculously mirrors can transform a space? Right from positivity to adding elegance, mirrors can change the entire look of a place. Other than being an integral part of everyday use, they can

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  4. Get a better night's sleep with Beautyrest

    There is nothing more elusive than sleep. Everybody needs those Zzz to attend to impending deadlines and appointments.
    Even after creating tranquil bedrooms, most of us now rely on the right mattress to do all the

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  5. Kids furniture that you need to know about NOW!

    Finding furniture for your kid's room is trickier than you may think. It’s best to understand the need and then plan furniture purchases in a way that will suit your kids best. Kid's room furniture selection needs t

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  6. Decorating your bedroom? Know where to start

    Your bedroom is meant to be your paradise of rest. Since you spend the most relaxing hours of the day in your bedroom and over 33% of your life in bed the ambiance of your bedroom should promote happiness and peace.

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  7. The ultimate furniture-care guide

    Now that you finally bought that gorgeous piece of furniture you’ve wanted for your home, all you need to worry about now is to take good care of it and make it last forever!

    When creating a stylish and comfortable h

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  8. Additional Ideas for Your Dreamy Guest Bedroom

    Do you love inviting your friends and family over to stay at your home? If yes, then it is important to give your guests the perfect staycation bedroom. Having a theme-based guest bedroom can make them feel at home.

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  9. 10 Easy Ways to Fix a Squeaky bed!

    A squeaky bed is a disturbance for your private time. For example, a squeaky bed does
    not give a good impression when you invite a date over or guests to your place. It also
    produces difficulties when sleeping

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