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  1. Creating a Sleep Haven for Your Children

    Of all the things we teach our children, how to sleep is one of the most important. While sleep may not seem like a learned behavior, being a “good sleeper” is something we can instill in our children. We do this by promoting good habits and providing a restful environment.

    From infancy, children need to learn how to sleep without parental involvement. Creating a bedtime routine that relaxes your child and helps him or her to get ready for sleep is important, and so is consistency. Teach your children to self-soothe rather than relying on you, and set clear limits about when and where they sleep. Where should children sleep? In a bedroom that’s set up for a successful night of rest.

    • The colors in the bedroom should be soothing. Blue is the most soothing color for a bedroom, but yellows, pinks, and greens are also relaxing, and orange can be warm and comforting. Avoid purple and red, because even though these might seem like fun colors for a child
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  2. Having trouble sleeping? There's an App for That

    Do you find it hard to fall asleep? Once you’re finally asleep, do you find it hard to stay that way? In our world of distractions and to-do lists, it’s hard to quiet our minds enough to actually get some rest. Fortunately, even though apps often distract us from sleep, there are also apps designed to help you get a good night’s rest.

    Is your problem that your sleep isn’t very restful? Tracking your sleep cycle can help you uncover why you’re not getting enough rest, and there are some very good apps to help you do that. Sleep Cycle uses your microphone to track your sleep patterns, and then wakes you in the lightest phase of sleep. Apple’s Bedtime works much the same way but gives you more control over your wake-up time. It also tells you when it’s time to go to bed so that you can get enough sleep before it wakes you

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  3. Outfit your New Mattress with the Best Bedding

    When you’re shopping for a mattress, shouldn’t you also be looking for the best bedding? If it’s been a while since you shopped for bedding, you might not know where to start. How do you choose the right bedding for your room, and what fabric makes for the best sheets? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, with some helpful tips.

    • Choosing a bed cover depends largely on your overall décor. For an old-fashioned look, a quilt might be perfect, especially if it’s a piece of art created by a loved one. Bedspreads, the lightweight covers that go all the way to the floor, are uncommon today but can look good in a retro room. Comforters are thick bed covers filled with down or down-substitute and are perfect for kids’ rooms or for shopping on a budget. Duvets are the most popular option, and they’re actually just comforters that fit into a cover, for easier washing.
    • Sheets come in many different fabrics. Cotton percale is cool and crisp,
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  4. Memory Foam vs Memory Gel Foam: What’s the Difference?

    There are a lot of different things to consider when you’re shopping for a mattress. Once you’ve determined your budget and the size of mattress you need, you have to think about things like support, firmness, and type of mattress. It can all get a little bit confusing, especially when some of the terminology is so similar. One perfect example of this confusion is what happens when people have to consider whether they want memory foam or memory gel foam in their mattress. Do you know the difference? Are they essentially the same thing?

    Well, yes and no. Traditional memory foam and gel memory foam have many of the same characteristics and offer many of the same benefits. They both reduce motion transfer, whi

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  5. All About Dreaming

    Do you dream? If you said no, you’re actually mistaken, because everyone dreams. In fact, people of all ages typically dream for about two hours per night, which means i

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  6. The Downlow on Sleep Trackers

    Are you getting enough sleep? Research has shown that sleep is important for your immune function, metabolism, memory, and other important functions. Too little

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  7. What Are the Benefits of Adjustable Beds?

    Adjustable beds have frames that can lift upwards and tilt back, usually at both the head and the feet. At one time, these kinds of beds were only available in hospital settings, but now, you can get them in attractive styles and a variety of sizes for home use. There are several advantages to sleeping on an adjustable bed. Could this kind of bed be the answer to your sleepless nights? Here is a look at some of the benefits of having an adjustable bed. 

    Reduced Back Pain 

    Back pain is notorious for keeping people up at night. Even with a supportive mattress, it can be hard to maintain a comfortable sleeping position on the flat surface of a traditional bed. With an adjustable bed, you can adjust the position of your head and legs until you find the right angle to alleviate the compression of the nerves in your back that is to

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  8. What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

    With so many mattress choices available, it’s hard to decide which one is the best option for you. But the good news is that if you’re stuck choosing between memory foam and innerspring, you could actually get both. Hybrid mattresses combine the best attributes of both types of beds. A hybrid innerspring and memory foam mattress gives you the pressure-relieving comfort of memory foam with the support and familiar feel of an innerspring. 

    The configuration of a hybrid mattress will vary from brand to brand. Typically, however, the pocketed coils will enhance the overall support of the bed. The innerspring support is particularly helpful for people with chronic back problems. This layer of coils is topped by comfortable memory foam that adjusts to suit the contours of the body. 

    Mancini’s Sleepworld has an unbeatable collection of premium hybrid mattresses at affordable

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  9. Spotlight on the Benefits of a Stratus Mattress

    Sleepworld Designs is pleased to introduce the Stratus mattress for the discerning sleeper. Sleepworld Designs are premium mattresses made exclusively for Mancini’s Sleepworld, and the Stratus i

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