A squeaky bed is a disturbance for your private time. For example, a squeaky bed does
not give a good impression when you invite a date over or guests to your place. It also
produces difficulties when sleeping if you toss and turn in your bed. Sleep Science says
that a squeaky bed makes it hard to rest for about 70% of Americans but does not do
anything about it. You could also be among them and see your sleep schedule going
down the drain, causing you many problems. Less sleep can make you irritable,
followed by health issues as our bodies unwind while we sleep.

Reasons Why Sleeping Peacefully is Important

Many reasons talk about how important it is to have a proper sleeping schedule from
physical to mental health. Not only that, there are sleep experts and researchers who
have practically applied their knowledge, so people sleep better.

  • Some reasons why sleeping peacefully at home is essential:
  • Sleep helps to reduce stress and possible mental health issues.
  • Sleep helps you to become immune from heart diseases, inflammation, and
    some cancer problems too.
  • Sleep also allows you to maintain proper weight as you’d like.
  • Sleep makes you more productive, improves alertness and memory.

You can read more reasons and understand the importance of sleep here.

Ways to Fix a Squeaky Bed

There are many ways you can try to stop your bed from squeaking, depending on the
problem you may be facing. Here is a list that can solve your squeaky bed problems.

  • Rotate Your Mattress
    The first tip to improve your sleep experience is to take care of that squeaky mattress. It
    is not always the bed’s fault but also that mattress’s, sometimes. To solve this problem,
    all you have to do is rotate your mattress. It means rotating your mattress so that your
    head is now where your legs were on the mattress. It may sound very simple, maybe
    stupid, and hard to believe, but it works. You can also flip the mattress if you like, as this
    trick works too.
  • Oil the Frame
    If you have a box spring, then you can rotate it just like it’s mentioned above for your
    mattress. This trick will ensure that you are not lying and putting pressure on the same
    side of the mattress. You can also spray lubricants while rotating the box. You open the
    bottom layer and hit oil everywhere to metals or wood are joined. No one will see the
    bottom side, so you can be as sloppy as you want while closing the fabric.
  • Purchase a New Bed Frame
    If your squeaky noise is coming from the bed frame, then the trick mentioned above
    should help. However, if oiling does not help, it’s time to get rid of the bed frame and get
    a new one. Bed frames do not cost a lot and come in all sizes. You can choose from the
    simplest bed frame to a unique one here.
  • Check the Joints
    Sometimes, the screws and bolts get loose and can be the cause of squeaking sounds.
    You should check the joints once a year at least to make sure they are tight enough.
    You can oil them or tighten them if needed. It is necessary as the wood panels rub
    against each other when you move on the bed, causing the irritating squeaky noise.
  • Beeswax for Wooden Parts
    You can use some beeswax to stop your bed from making squeaky noises. Just run
    beeswax on the insides of your bed frame near the edges. If you can trace the noise
    from the bed frame, then disassembling can also help. You can lubricate the parts
    rubbing against each other with beeswax and stop them from making unnecessary
    noise. In case you don’t have beeswax, you can also use candle wax or soap.
  • Replace the Bolts & Screws
    After years of buying the bed frame, some bolts and screws get rusty and do not
    respond, causing dysfunction. You can replace these bolts and screws with new ones
    and stop the bed from making a squeaky disturbance. However, it is essential to be
    careful when you replace these as you don’t want to harm the bed frame.
  • Add floor Padding
    When you move in your bed, the bed legs may move against the floor and cause
    squeaky sounds. The most reliable way to avoid this is to add floor padding to then
    move around in your bed comfortably and without any unnecessary noise.
  • Cushion with Plywood
    Another way to make your bed frame strong and give more support to minimize
    squeaky sounds is to use a plywood sheet as a cushion for it. You can place this
    plywood cushion on the top of the bed frame and place the mattress on the top of it.
    However, it is crucial to make sure the plywood is adjusted correctly and nailed to the
    bed frame not to harm the mattress.
  • Fill the Bed Frame Gaps
    It does not matter how you may tighten screws and bolts; there are always some left
    gaps. However, you can pad these spaces, and it is good to be precautious and closing
    the areas where two joints meet. If you are dissembling the frame, then you can
    also use corks for wooden frames due to their compatibility.
  • Look Into Getting a New Mattress
    Sometimes, mattresses are beyond repair due to their age and many other factors. In
    such times, you can try checking out mattresses available in the market. You can visit
    many mattress stores or look up articles only to understand what kind of mattress
    would be the best for you.

    Some mattress stores also have sleep experts who can help you find the perfect
    mattress under your budget, support your sleeping positions, and everything else you
    would desire. To book an in-store appointment with a sleep expert, you can contact
    mattress stores like Mancini’s Sleepworld. They are available in 34 locations near you!