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Creating a Sleep Haven for Your Children

Creating a Sleep Haven for Your Children

Of all the things we teach our children, how to sleep is one of the most important. While sleep may not seem like a learned behavior, being a “good sleeper” is something we can instill in our children. We do this by promoting good habits and providing a restful environment.

From infancy, children need to learn how to sleep without parental involvement. Creating a bedtime routine that relaxes your child and helps him or her to get ready for sleep is important, and so is consistency. Teach your children to self-soothe rather than relying on you, and set clear limits about when and where they sleep. Where should children sleep? In a bedroom that’s set up for a successful night of rest.

  • The colors in the bedroom should be soothing. Blue is the most soothing color for a bedroom, but yellows, pinks, and greens are also relaxing, and orange can be warm and comforting. Avoid purple and red, because even though these might seem like fun colors for a child’s room, they can be overstimulating.
  • Creating zones can make it easier to relax. When there are clear areas for playing, sleeping, and learning, it’s easier for children to wind down at bedtime.
  • Control the light, noise, and temperature. Generally, bedrooms should be cool, dark, and quiet, with natural light during the daytime. If your child needs a nightlight or white noise machine though, those are reasonable accommodations,
  • Avoid overstimulating your child. A messy room can disrupt sleep patterns, causing sensory overload and anxiety. Prevent this by providing plenty of storage that allows you to tuck things out of sight, and helping your child keep the room clutter-free. A no-screens policy in the bedroom also goes a long way toward helping a child relax.
  • Keep things cozy and natural. The colors, textures, and sights found in nature can be soothing, so consider incorporating natural elements and images of the outdoors into your child’s décor. To up the coziness factor, provide soft bedding, pillows, rugs, and cuddly stuffed animals, as well as warm and friendly family photos.
  • Let older children have a say in their room décor. Make it a rule that electronics stay out of the bedroom because the blue light they emit can be disruptive to sleep. Give your children reasonable options for decorating their rooms, but allow them some freedom to choose an environment that feels comfortable and relaxing to them.

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May 29, 2020