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Top-Rated Luxury Mattresses in the US!

Top-Rated Luxury Mattresses in the US!

The ideal amount of sleep everyone should get is a minimum of eight hours. So, about one-third of our lives are spent in bed. Also, due to Covid, we are spending even more time in bed now. You may be doing work from home or working on your projects, so instead of sitting in a chair, you could get comfortable in your bed. This is why it’s essential to have a comfortable setup with a luxurious mattress. 

The best luxury mattresses will have the qualities to put you to sleep for long enough and wake you up without any sores or pain. We have a list of top luxury mattresses from firm to adjustable. So, you can choose your favorite mattress among them all and bring an unmatchable sleeping experience under budget to your home. 

How We Chose These Mattresses?

There were multiple factors involved in choosing these mattresses for you. They are:

  • Manufacturing

The manufacturing process of any product is essential, and mattresses are no different. We chose mattresses that are eco-friendly and made with organic materials. Some mattresses use ozone-depleting ingredients in their making. These ozone-depleting mattresses are neither good for you to use nor for the environment to exist.

  • Company Policies

The policies of companies and the mattress store you buy it from are also important. If you compare, you can find the same mattress at different prices in various mattress stores. You could also see the difference of years in warranty on the products. You should be careful about such factors and make sure to do enough survey before buying a mattress.

  • Company Reputation

Some companies sell their products just by their name. These companies make sales because they have the trust of the people and their previous buyers. The mattress you are buying is essential for your future, and the company it comes from is also vital. 

  • Customer Review

Another prominent factor in deciding which mattress to buy is reading the customer. Always read what people are saying about the product so you can get clarity. It is crucial to know about products from people who have them and have experienced them first-hand.

  • Mattress Type

You can choose from many kinds of mattresses available in the market. You can choose among the top luxury mattresses of the market like Beautyrest Black Luxury Mattress, Kluft Mattress, Stearns and Foster Luxury Plush Mattress, and Luxury Aireloom mattress. Each of these mattresses has its unique traits. 

Top Luxury Mattresses

There are lots of kinds of mattresses, and we will take you through them one by one. All mattresses have a variety, from soft to firm and hybrid to memory foam. All of them are mentioned below.

1. Best luxury Firm Mattress

Firm mattresses don’t let you sink in them when you lie on them. These mattresses are suitable for those who sleep on their backs for better spinal support. Serta mattresses are known to produce the best luxury firm mattresses. Their innovative and modern technology provides the best comfort to anyone with injuries or pains need.

The brand holds a fantastic reputation when it comes to providing luxury comfort. Every material used in their manufacturing process comes from the US only. They have various collections that include mattresses that can kill harmful microbes in your body while you sleep. They also have mattresses that help with breathability issues and body temperature. This proves how much they care about your luxurious sleep. 

Another best thing about buying a Serta mattress is that you don’t have to buy a mattress protector. However, you can buy if you have kids at home to protect it from liquids, stains, and spill.

2. Best Luxury Soft Mattress

A mattress with strong coil support and a soft comfort layer is considered the best luxury soft mattress. You can find such a support system and none other than Hybrid Infinity mattresses. The mattress has comfort written all over it, from the uppermost layer to its core. The materials used in making its core are among the most resilient materials, making the mattress very comfortable. 

A particular Hybrid Infinity cool mattress comes with an ice-cold cover that keeps your bed cool. The cover also helps you adjust your temperature to sleep peacefully and don’t wake up in the middle of the night. These mattresses meet all the content, durability, and performance parameters that CertiPUR-US requires.

Hybrid Infinity mattresses usually last for ten years but can run for longer if you take good care. These are available in all sizes, including a king, queen, twin, and twin XL, at affordable prices.

3. Best Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

Aireloom is considered one of the best memory foam mattresses under budget for most of us. The Aireloom mattresses are top-rated in the US as they are handcrafted. Aireloom uses the finest quality materials in its manufacturing process. The materials provide more comfort and durability than most memory foam mattresses out there.

One of the unique things about Aireloom mattress manufacturers is that each mattress stands apart from the rest. You won’t be able to find two similar mattresses, but both will provide the same comfort. So, the mattress you own is only yours and can’t be seen on anyone else’s bed.

Most luxury mattresses last 8 to 10 years, whereas Aireloom mattresses last 10 to 15 years. These mattresses work with adjustable beds, too, and are available in all sizes. They have been in the business for more than 80 years and understand the luxury you deserve while sleeping.

Where to Shop?

According to Sleep Science, the best place to shop for a mattress is to visit a store with sleep experts. You can visit any one of the thirty-four Mancini’s Sleepworld locations in Northern California and get advice from our qualified sleep experts to help you pick the best mattresses only. 

Apart from an in-store appointment with the sleep expert, you can also visit the website and enjoy our special offers for this month. You can choose among the top luxury mattresses along with their accessories. We have many varieties like coil mattresses, adjustable mattresses, hybrid mattresses, soft mattresses, and many others. You can also choose among the best mattress brands, including Serta, Nectar, Tempur-Pedic, and Kluft, to name a few. 

July 07, 2021