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Flip-Rotate-Repeat: Importance of Mattress Maintenance

Flip-Rotate-Repeat: Importance of Mattress Maintenance

Even the best mattress needs maintenance to keep its durability and comfort. There's no escaping the need to clean the mattress if you want to keep it tidy and protected for your restful night's sleep.

Maintenance includes rotating or flipping your mattress depending upon its type. Do you know if you need to flip or rotate your mattress? If you don't, read this blog to know the best way to maintain the mattress at home.

Many people find mattress maintenance tiring and some even forget to do it. To uphold the softness and comfort of any mattress, one should perform mattress maintenance regularly.

Benefits of Mattress Maintenance

A normal mattress can last more than its stipulated life span for at least 2 more years if it is maintained well enough. The maintenance involves regular cleaning and flipping or rotating the mattress depending upon its type. The more you look after the mattress, the better it will give you pleasure. 

Through rotation and flipping, we can sustain the quality of the mattress for a long time and it will continue to give the same feel as a new mattress. Rotating or flipping is necessary if you want to make the best of your investment in a mattress. 

Rotating and Flipping a Mattress

Not all mattresses can be rotated or flipped. You need to consult your mattress provider about its maintenance techniques and how often you should do it. Also, read the instruction manual of your mattress & follow the directions given as per the model.  

Now, most people treat rotation and flipping equally, yet there is a difference between the two. Rotation is when the bottom part of the mattress is moved towards the top, end-to-end. Flipping is when the back of the mattress comes on top and the top part goes down.

How often should you flip or rotate?

A mattress can be flipped or rotated at least four times a year, which makes it, once in every three months. It would be most beneficial to do it as the season comes and goes. The frequency of rotation or flipping depends on the type of mattress as well.

For different types of mattresses

Some mattresses can be both flipped and rotated and some can be only rotated or flipped.

Let's discuss three main kinds of mattresses - Innerspring, Memory Foam, and Adjustable bed mattresses: -

Innerspring mattress

Innerspring mattresses are the same on both sides. These kinds of mattresses can be both rotated and flipped. You should rotate and flip your innerspring mattress at least 4 times throughout the year.

Memory Foam and gel-based mattress

A memory foam mattress is mostly meant to be used from one side; they are single-sided. Hence these kinds of mattresses can only be rotated and not flipped. Even if you have a gel-based memory foam mattress, it can only be rotated.

The frequency of rotation for a memory foam mattress is only two times or three times a year depending on its use. 

Adjustable Bed Mattress

An adjustable bed does not require flipping or rotation. They are good to go without it. Yet it is necessary to maintain an adjustable bed through periodic cleaning and vacuuming. Their cleaning can be done just like for any regular mattress.

You just have to air it out and steam vacuum it for deep cleaning. Use a cleaner or a baking soda-based solution to get rid of the stains and unwanted odors.

For a longer than usual life of your comfort, you should invest time in the maintenance of the mattress at regular intervals. Failing to do so would reduce the life of your mattress and would reasonably affect your sleep. 

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February 22, 2021