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How to Transport a Mattress Easily?

How to Transport a Mattress Easily?

A mattress is a vital investment, and you want it to comfort you for as long as possible. You don’t just visit a mattress store and buy any mattress. It takes time to select the perfect mattress, and while moving, you don’t want it to get hurt. When you get it home for the first time, professionals from a mattress store will help you. However, when you are shifting homes on your own, that doesn’t happen. 

For example, when you’re switching apartments, there won’t be professionals helping you out unless you want to pay extra bucks. Also, a Sleep Science study confirms that many people damage their mattresses while moving. So, it’s time to call in some favors from friends and maybe bribing with a pizza treat. You could move a mattress in 20 minutes, and the same mattress could also take 1 hour. The process of shifting depends on how safer you want the mattress to travel. 

Preparation Before Moving the Mattress

The best way, as mentioned above, is to ask a friend for help. The number of friends you need to move a mattress depends on the size of the mattress. A twin mattress weighs around 45 pounds, and a queen-size mattress weighs approximately 70 pounds. Mattresses like King size, California King, and other specialized or custom mattresses may weigh higher. 

After establishing the size and weight of a mattress, it’s time to think of moving the mattress, and why shouldn’t you move a mattress alone? Trying to move a mattress alone can cause strain in muscles and physical injuries. Also, you may think the easiest hack to move a mattress is tying it on the roof of your car. However, it’s not wise to expose your mattress to pollutants and other harmful elements. 

So, you can put the mattress inside a moving van or a truck. If you have a heavy vehicle, then use its trunk but only if the mattress is not stuffed and there’s enough space. Using these methods will help you to transport the mattress easily without causing any damage. 

How to Protect a Mattress When Moving?

You may think that why you need equipment to move a mattress. But these are simple appliances which won’t cost a fortune, and you can also rent them. This equipment will make the mattress transport easier and protect the mattress. Below is a list of equipment that can help you in moving your mattress safely. 

  • Mattress bag

A mattress bag is like a travel suitcase like you have for clothes. You can put your mattress in it while transporting, so it doesn’t catch any dust, mites, pollutant, harmful elements and doesn’t take any damage. A mattress bag costs between $10 and $25. You can find it easily at Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, Target, and others.

  • Hand truck or Dolly

This equipment can help you move your mattress from the bedroom to the car and from the vehicle to your new room. You can buy a new Dolly or rent it at a local truck rental store. Most hardware stores also have hand trucks for rent. 

  • Ratchet strap

A ratchet strap is tie-down equipment to keep your mattress in one place. It doesn’t let the mattress move and bump into other things, so everything is safe during transportation. 

  • Tape

A tape is used to seal the mattress bag while moving. It is advised to use tape which is strong and durable while shipping. You can use tapes like duct, masking, or shipping with adhesive solid and are also waterproof. Using tape also restricts moisture from entering the bag. 

  • Toolkit

It would be best to have a toolkit when the mattress is on a bed frame. Screwdrivers and wrenches can help you disassemble the old home's bed frame and put it together at your new place. 

Steps to Move Your Mattress

Make the process of moving your mattress easier with these steps. 

  1. Put the mattress in its bag

As we mentioned about mattress bags, it is the first step to pack your mattress. Slide your mattress in the mattress bag and ensure there’s no air inside. Now fold the open ends and seal them with tape. Look for other small holes, if any, and seal them too. 

  2. Lifting the mattress

Be on one side of the mattress and ask a friend to be on the other side. Now, while lifting, remember to lift using your abdominal core and legs. Avoid using the strength of your back to lift the heavy mattress. Once the mattress is up, place it on the Dolly and use cardboards on the side for support if it’s sloppy. 

If there are stairs on your way, make sure not to use the Dolly and lift the mattress to move it. Also, if you don’t have a Dolly, place cardboard on the ground to slide your mattress across. 

  3. Load the mattress

Once you have cleared the way to bring the mattress outside your home, it’s time to ready the vehicle. Keep the doors wide open, clear the interior by removing seats, if possible, for additional space. 

You can place the mattress in different depending on the vehicle. For example, if you’re using a pickup truck or van, place the mattress in the cargo hold by lifting it off the Dolly quickly. If you are transporting the mattress on the top of an SUV, then make sure to double protect it using mattress tapes, ratchet strap, and tape.

  4. Drive carefully and slowly

It’s a challenge to drive with something mattress on the top or in the back of a vehicle. Thus, move at a moderate speed, so there are no sudden brakes, and the mattress doesn’t move during turns. If your mattress is on the top of your vehicle, then stop to check it periodically. Also, avoid potential main roads and take back streets to avoid unnecessary traffic.

How to Store Your Mattress?

Every mattress has its survival guide. The best way to elongate the lifespan of a mattress is to take help from sleep experts. For example, you can book an appointment with Mancini’s Sleepworld to buy a mattress, all kinds of sleep accessories and get amazing discounts too. The sleep experts will also show you storing, cleaning, and many other techniques.

September 06, 2021