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How to Find Best Mattress for Pressure point Relief in the US!

How to Find Best Mattress for Pressure point Relief in the US!

Everyone who has tried to get a new mattress and done some research must have heard about the term “pressure points.” When you hear this phrase for the first time, you may think of it as some fancy phrase from the world of mattresses. However, that’s not the case. If you pick the wrong mattress, then pressure points can become a severe issue causing you a lot of pain. It can disturb your whole day since there won’t be enough sleep at night. 

What are Pressure Points?

In simple words, a pressure point is any area in the body that makes you uncomfortable, turning and tossing when you lie on the bed. These areas are your body parts that take more pressure than the rest of your body, and it’s not your fault. Pressure points are most commonly found in the knees, shoulder, and hips. 

Our bodies are a little bumpy, and each body has a different shape. When you lie on a bed that’s not appropriate for your body, the body mass is unevenly distributed, and you can feel pressure points. For example, if your body weight is average and you lie on a mattress that’s too hard or too soft, you will feel pressure points. Thus, a mattress is very crucial when you are looking to relieve yourself from pressure points. 

Why do We Get Pressure Points?

We experience pressure points on a day-to-day basis, even during the day. For example, when you sit in a chair during work hours, your back or legs feel numb after a while, and you change the position. You may even change your position unconsciously because you are aware of the pain. 

However, when you are asleep, your body is completely limp, and you don’t realize the pain. Thus, you don’t change your position. Now, when you wake up, you will feel some pain, disrupting your whole day. Some people also tend to wake up from sleep due to elevated pain and can’t sleep again. This can also jeopardize your sleep schedule along with the following days. 

You are helpless at night because your body cannot fight the urge to shift or change position. It means you need a mattress that can help you with pressure relief points by spreading your body weight across the bed. There are many brands you can call the best mattresses for pressure points. These mattresses will shift your weight in proper order so you can sleep comfortably and wake up fresh to get on with your day. 

How Can a Mattress Affect Pressure Point Pain?

If you have even once woken up with a sore shoulder, hip, or back, you must have blamed it on your mattress. You are not wrong, but it is because your mattress is too soft or hard for your body and its weight. The incompatibility of your body and mattress can aggravate pressure points. These points are nothing but spots on your body where you feel internal pain-causing movement dysfunction. 

Sleep Science suggests that an optimal mattress will minimize pressure points for you by providing a larger area to support your overstressed delicate areas like the shoulder and hip. No mattress can serve the pressure point relief need for everyone. There are many factors like height, weight, sleeping position, age, body temperature, and a few others involved in finding the perfect mattress. 

However, the best pressure point relief mattresses will support you to maintain a good posture. Your sleeping position becomes a secondary factor when you find a pressure relief mattress compatible with your body. The mattress you choose should conform to your body and keep your spine in a neutral position. 

A mattress with utmost support and comfort will reduce pressure on your body and give you a good night’s sleep. Using such a mattress will result in loss turning and tossing in bed at night, waking up with fewer pains and aches, along with better quality rest in general. 

Which Mattress Gives Most Pressure Relief?

There are various types of mattresses you can use to relieve yourself from pressure while sleeping in bed. Some of the best mattresses for pressure points are given below, 

  • Pressure Reducing Foam Mattress

The best pressure relief mattresses in the market are memory foam mattresses. These are considered to be even better than other memory foam mattresses available. Memory foam adjusts to your body and shapes up correctly, eliminating any chance of pressure point. Primarily, foam mattresses are manufactured with soft substances when they come in contact with heat and pressure. This trait makes your body sink in the pressure points rather than going through uncalled strain. 

  • Pressure Reducing Innerspring Mattress

One of the most popular and bought mattresses in the market is innerspring mattresses. Although it has many traits making it almost everyone’s favorite, innerspring does not provide pressure relief compared to foam mattresses. The spring distribution in the manufacturing of these mattresses is not appropriate for pressure relief, making it a wrong choice. You can say that when it comes to pressure point relief, this is the worst mattress.

  • Pressure Reducing Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses not only possess all the characteristics of memory foam but also go one step further. It does not need heat from parts of your body to sink and provide pressure relief; latex does that naturally. The very nature of this mattress is to sink and spring back with a response to the body. It means that a latex mattress can provide the same comfort as memory foam and keep you cool. 

Where Can You Find the Best Pressure Point Relief Mattresses?

There are many online portals you can check out mattresses at or visit a mattress store too. If you would like to gain in-depth knowledge of mattresses to make a better decision, then visit Mancini’s Sleepworld, where you can talk to a sleep expert who will give you all the information you need with the best offers and discounts. You can find top brands like Sealy MattressNectar Mattress, and Hybrid Infinity Mattress, known for top-quality pressure relief mattresses.

July 07, 2021