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Top 6 Best Mattresses for Back Pain Relief you will fall in love with!

Top 6 Best Mattresses for Back Pain Relief you will fall in love with!

Sleep is probably the single most crucial part of the day, where you get to reset your body and recharge yourself for all the hustle and bustle that follows. However, Sleep quality is affected if you are someone that suffers from back pain. If you are dealing with such a problem, it’s essential to work on your sleep posture and invest in a quality mattress. . There are a number of mattress brands available in the market which stand out for their quality and value.

Considering how important this factor is, you must wonder how to choose the best mattress to relieve back pain. Which brands are ideal, you wonder? Let’s find out!

How can you pick the best mattress for back pain?

The first thing you want to do is talk with the doctor and ask for recommendations. More often than not, the doctor will let you know if you need a soft or a firm mattress, based on your medical history. Also, you can find specific mattresses and models best suited for back pain relief and disc problems, spinal arthritis, spinal stenosis, and so on.

It is interesting to note that your sleep posture is a decisive factor in choosing the right mattress. There are mattresses more suitable for stomach sleepers; others are better for back sleepers or side sleepers. If you sleep on your side, a softer mattress is recommended. However, if you sleep on your back or if you are a back and stomach sleeper, you need a mattress with medium firmness.

Some of the other things to consider are the overall size, pricing, and special features (if any). The best mattress for back and neck pain relief can also have a dedicated cover, special insulation, waterproofing, and even some accessories.

Finding the best mattress for back pain relief

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-PRObreeze Medium Hybrid Mattress 12"

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are known to be some of the best mattress for back pain relief, and this is no exception. This product relies on 3 different levels of stellar materials to keep you cool and comfortable. You get motion separation but also get to use a zip-up cover when you lie down. This product also helps absorb the additional body heat emitted when you fall asleep, which is extremely important.

TEMPUR-ProAdapt Medium Mattress 12"

Tempur-ProAdapt Series is built for comfort and deep relaxation, offering maximum pressure relief. This medium firm mattress comes from the special Tempur material that was developed for NASA and, hence, an unmatched sleep experience is guaranteed on this. The motion absorption technology used in the mattress offers a peaceful night of sleep even if your partner wakes up or moves on the other side.  

The SmartClimate dual zip-off cover system adds a cool-to-the-touch feel to the mattress and coupled with an excellent cooling technology, this brings you the best sleep you can have. The expert engineering of the mattress with premium quality build and material further promises an ache-free morning to all those suffering from back pain.

Sealy PosturePedic Plus Satisfied II Plush Mattress 13"

When you check out this soft mattress model, you will be impressed with its efficiency and the fact that it helps protect your posture as you sleep. This is what a good mattress for back pain needs to do, and this one certainly delivers on its promise.

Moreover, it also has a cool-to-touch cover that helps you unwind and relax with excellent results. It also manages to offer support for an adjustable base, and it comes with edge support too. The product is very easy to adapt to your needs, and you can also pair it with other ergonomic accessories like pillows for better back pain relief.

Casper Original Hybrid Mattress Medium Firm Mattress 11"

This medium-firm mattress is ideal for people who complain of lower back pain. It’s a product that maintains a high level of buoyancy, and at the same time, it delivers stellar breathability too. The zoned support makes it easy to align your spine ergonomically, and the best part is that the top layer contains polyurethane while the second layer has zoned memory foam; the combination leads to a slumber fest for the user.

This mattress is well worth trying out, and the benefits can be second to none. The product also offers cooling technology and edge support. And yes, it works very well with an adjustable base too. This is a good mattress for back pain, and the base made of polyurethane is highly durable.

Kingsdown Passions Longview Plush Euro-Top Mattress 15"

The Kingsdown Passions Longview Plush is an incredible mattress for back pain relief. What makes it great is that it has an excellent set of cooling fabrics and foam. Also, the coil layers designed to ease pain help to bring in the best possible comfort.

The product is built to suit your daily needs, and you will appreciate the outstanding quality and attention to detail. Like other models on this list, it has very good motion separation too, and you can use it on an adjustable base too if you want. It uses firm gel foam, gel memory lumbar support foam, and convoluted plush gel foam, all of which help you deal with that stubborn back pain.

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon Series Medium Pillow Top Mattress 15.75"


One of the core advantages brought by this backpain relief bed mattress is that not only is it efficient and easy to use, but it also has incredible motion separation. Combined with the cooling technology and the coil design that has 2 wires braided together for extra support, it is very efficient and dependable.

They use different types of foam, like right temp wave, dynamic response memory foam, airfeel foam, and so on, in order to bring you the utmost comfort and quality all the time. To make things better, this product uses recycled plastics too, so it helps protect the environment as well.


Picking the right mattress for back pain relief is important if you want to sleep comfortably and not wake up with pain in the middle of the night. All of these from the above list are ideal for back pain relief it all comes down to your needs and what you require.

To find the absolute perfect mattress for your body, consider trying the SleepMatch system at your nearest Mancini’s Sleepworld. In just a few minutes SleepMatch will measure your body’s needs and match you to a selection of mattresses perfect for you providing you with a color-coded comfort scale to best guide your mattress shopping.

It’s now more important than ever to buy the best mattress for back and neck pain, because this can help you improve your lifestyle and also bid goodbye to that pesky pain. 

March 14, 2022