If you don’t feel well-rested in the morning, you require caffeine to jump-start you into the day, and you feel like you’re dragging by mid-afternoon, you may not be getting good sleep. If you’ve rid your room of electronics, set a reasonable bedtime, and are adhering to a healthy nighttime routine, you may be confused as to why you still feel so tired. Have you ever considered that your sleeping position may be to blame? According to experts, some positions are much better than others in delivering quality sleep.

  • Sleeping on your back wins the sleep position contest, according to most experts. Back sleeping allows the head, neck, and spine to align and stay in a neutral position, which prevents extra pressure from being applied to your back. Especially in “starfish” position, with arms and legs extended, sleeping on your back prevents facial breakouts and wrinkles and reduces your risk of acid reflux. The drawback of sleeping on your back? It can worsen snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Side sleeping comes in a close second. Most people sleep on their sides, and this is great because side sleeping allows your spine to rest in a neutral position. It also helps alleviate acid reflux and heartburn, which makes it easier for people with digestive issues to sleep. What’s more, there’s research to suggest that your brain can more easily clear waste that leads to neurological diseases when you’re sleeping on your side. If you’re sleeping on your side, you’ll get the best support by using an ergonomic pillow so your head doesn’t tilt down, a pillow under your waist so your stomach doesn’t curve down, and a pillow between your legs to ease the pressure on your hips. Cons of side sleeping? It can sometimes lead to shoulder pain, and because your face is squished into the pillow on one side, it can contribute to wrinkles.
  • Sleeping on your stomach is the clear loser in this race. While stomach sleeping eases heartburn and sleep apnea, those are probably the only benefits. When you sleep on your stomach, you flatten the natural curve of the spine and strain your neck, which compromises your breathing and circulation. Sleeping on your stomach also puts pressure on your joints and muscles, leading to pain, numbness, and tingling.

No matter what the experts say, when it comes right down to it, you’re going to sleep the way you’re most comfortable. That’s why it pays to make sure the mattress you’re sleeping on meets your needs, no matter how you choose to sleep. If you are looking for the right mattress to you help you achieve the perfect night’s sleep, you owe it to yourself to check out Mancini's Sleepworld. Since 1969, the Mancini family has owned and operated their store in Sunnyvale, CA, selling brand name mattresses at fair prices and treating every customer with respect. Beginning an expansion in 1989, the Mancini's now have 33 locations across the greater bay area, allowing for same-day mattress delivery in most cases. To learn more about Mancini's Sleepworld, contact us through our website or call 800-647-5337.