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Safe Mattress Buying Guide 2021

Safe Mattress Buying Guide 2021

Buying a mattress is one of the most-needed investments for everyone. Finding the right mattress for your body to maximize support is significant for physical and mental health. There are many mattress stores, and everyone tells you about the perfect mattress for every body type. However, there’s no single mattress that can support and comfort all body types. A mattress that suits your preferences could be different for the person standing right next to you. 

That’s why we came up with a safe mattress buying guide to save your time and money and get you the perfect sleeping companion. The guide explains the importance of mattresses and how different materials can help you in different ways. The mattress buying guide will help you choose the right mattress better.

What to Look for During Mattress Shopping

Before investing in a mattress, there are several factors to consider as it’ll serve you for many years to come. The attributes primarily include sleeping position, body size, and shape. Below are various factors to look for:

  • Lifespan

Remember that an expensive mattress doesn’t mean more extended durability. Some materials wear out faster than others and cause issues like joint pains and spinal nonalignment. The mattress life depends on the manufacturing processes and layer placement. 

  • Adaptability

Mattresses that adapt to every body type are universal bedding companions and should be the first on your options list. They are not only couple-friendly but also help others in durability by lasting longer. A bed that can accommodate changing sizes and sleeping positions is meant to last longer than others.

  • Firmness

Every mattress needs to contain a mix of comfort, softness, and supportive elements in its built. Mattresses that provide better support are firmer than those that give comfort. The firmness of a mattress is also calculated by body weight. Heavy people will find a medium-firm mattress to be soft. On the other hand, lightweight folks will find the same medium-firm mattress to be firm. 

  • Pressure Relief

Pressure relief assesses comfort and is typically provided by keeping soft materials on the top to conform to body curves. A mattress that molds to the lining of your body, extra pressure is not built on joints. Pressure relief mattresses are suitable for those who have joint pains or are extra curvy. 

  • Thickness

The height of a mattress depends on the brand and budget you’re willing to spend. Money is always a constraint, but it doesn’t mean more money would provide better comfort. Luxurious mattresses are thick, and entry-level mattresses are thinner. The best thing to do is find a mattress with good layers and the way you prefer. For example, poly foams don’t last longer than latex. In a spring mattress, the bouncy feeling depends on the thickness of its gauge. 

  • Size

The size of the mattress again depends on various factors like the space of your room, your height, sharing options, and growth expectations. There are many different sizes of the mattress to choose from after considering the above factors. For example, if you’re a single sleeper, Twin XL is the perfect one for you. However, if you need to share the mattress, a Queen Size bed is what most Americans prefer. 

  • Sinkage

Your body weight and materials used in the manufacturing of the mattress determine how much you’d sink. You can experience more pressure relief if you sink in more. However, sinkage is a trait that’s depended on preference. For example, some people like to stay afloat and prefer a mattress that doesn’t offer much sinkage. 

  • Spine Alignment

While sleeping, some people experience sinking of their bodies on different levels. For example, the shoulder is sinking more than the hips area causing nonparallel spinal alignment. Ideally, while lying on a mattress, your spine should align well and not cause back pain the following day. The spine should be as straight as while you’re standing when resting on a mattress. 


  • Position

One of the most critical factors to consider while buying a new mattress is the sleeping position. People like to sleep in different positions, and for good quality sleep, they should choose the mattress accordingly. The critical perspective to keep in mind is that your body weight will affect how much the mattress provides you comfort. 

For example, back sleepers don’t have a need when it comes to firmness but only preference. It is the best sleeping position, and every type of firmness supports and comforts back sleepers well. The only thing to remember is to get a mattress that doesn’t build pressure on the shoulder and hips.  

Side sleepers need a mattress that supports pressure relief. While sleeping on the side, pressure is built on the shoulder and hips, giving the spine nonalignment. The bodyline is curvier while sleeping on the side and requires some soft support to sleep pressure-free. 

The worst sleeping position is the stomach so try avoiding it as much as possible. The body sinks deeper when you sleep on the stomach because most of the bodyweight is carried by the hips, and they sink. The optimal spine alignment needed while sleeping gets lost due to the stomach sleeping position. Thus, a firmer mattress with enhanced body support is a must for such people. 

Where is the Best Place to Buy Mattresses?

There are many mattress stores offline and online where you can find hundreds of options. However, it’ll confuse you, and you may end up buying the wrong mattress. Thus, while it’s crucial to find the right mattress, it’s equally important to get it from the right place. 

For example, as Mancini’s Sleepworld, you’ll find sleep consultants who’ll help you with all your queries. They’ll suggest ideal mattress options for your body, and that also fall under your budget. Also, their latest technology, known as SleepMatch, is a new scientific way to find ideal mattresses for every body type.

You just need to input some preference data into the machine, and the SleepMatch runs the data across thousands of parameters. Then it provides results based on your preferences and where your body would rest well. You can choose among the options after trying the options as the sleep consultants guides you. Call us today to book an appointment at the nearest Mancini’s Sleepworld select location as they have 30+ mattress stores. 

November 24, 2021