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Memory Foam or Innerspring Mattresses - Which One Lasts Longer?

Memory Foam or Innerspring Mattresses - Which One Lasts Longer?

Are you planning to get a new mattress for your sleep haven? Confused with the offerings in the market? Well, don’t feel left out; we all have been there while buying a new mattress for the first time! The most significant confusion that arises is whether to go for a memory foam mattress or an innerspring mattress?

Now that you already have got some clarity on which two mattresses to opt from, sit back and read through this blog to make an informed decision for your next mattress purchase.

Spring mattresses have been in the market long before memory foam mattresses. However, this doesn’t mean that the predecessor is obsolete! The main difference is that memory foam mattresses are more pressure-relieving and body-conforming, while innerspring ones allow greater elasticity and bounce. Let’s glance through some of the other major differences between the two here-

Memory foam vs. Innerspring Mattress

Still pondering over the details of which type of mattress is best and the difference between memory foam and spring mattress? Well, let’s take a deeper look to find out more!

What is a memory foam mattress?

Different companies have unique ways of producing memory foam for mattresses. The materials used have an impact on the heat retention and overall feel of the mattress. Foams made out of petroleum and plant-based oils have a quicker response time than those made out of only petroleum.

Despite the material used to make it, the best memory foam mattresses always give cloud-like pressure-free support to the sleeper. As the bodyweight gets even support, the muscles get a better chance of healing themselves. Such contouring effectively helps in reducing back pain.

Types of Memory Foam

Each memory foam mattress has a different mix of foams to regulate density and breathability. Some mattresses may have up to 5 different foam layers, while others have 2 layers of foam in them.

The low-density foams are placed on the mattress's top layer to enhance comfort, while the high-density foam offers stability.

The different layers of foam are infused with other materials to help maintain body temperature and regulate responsiveness.

Here are some of the varieties of foams that you can come across:

  • Channeled Memory Foam - With such foam, the mattresses get added ventilated air channels which helps promote air circulation throughout the mattress.
  • Gel Memory Foam - These mattresses are infused with gel microbeads which help to absorb body heat. However, the gel memory foam can absorb heat for a short period of time and hence have lesser durability than others.
  • Convoluted Memory Foam - The textures of these memory foam mattresses are similar to peaks and valleys. Due to the structure, air pockets are created in the mattress, which helps release body heat.
  • Copper Infused Memory Foam - Cooper has the natural quality of dissolving heat, and hence when used in a memory foam mattress, it helps to remove your body heat efficiently.

The benefits of sleeping on a memory foam mattress are in plenty for back and side-sleepers especially. As these sleeping positions tend to leave pressure on the mattress, the feeling of foam underneath is uber-comfortable.

To make your search more effortless for the best memory foam mattress, here we have presented our top pick in the category!

Best Memory Foam Mattresses for Side Sleepers:

Tempur-Pedic- Tempur ProAdapt Medium Mattress 12”

One of the top-rated mattresses in the Tempur ProAdapt series from the brand, this mattress offers unmatched comfort. The advanced pressure-relieving material used in the mattress is definitely worth the price you pay for this.

The mattress offers a 10-year warranty, and its price ranges between - $2,699-$3,899.

What is an Innerspring Mattress?

An innerspring mattress generally has three parts: the Comfort Layer, the core, and the foundation.

  • The Comfort Layer - As the name suggests, the primary purpose of this layer is to induce comfort for the sleeper. Generally, this layer is made up of wool or cotton so that the person sleeping doesn’t feel the springs or coils underneath.
  • The Core - The spring coil system of the mattress remains in this layer. The type of spring and the number of coils will depend on the mattress models you choose to buy.
  • The Foundation - The foundation's purpose is to support the spring coil system in the core layer. The foundation may have wool or foam in it, depending on the product you choose to buy.

The Four Significant Types of Coil Systems in Spring Mattresses Are:

  1. Bonnel Coils
  2. Offset Coils
  3. Pocket Coils
  4. Continuous Coils

The innerspring mattress is suggested mainly for the hot sleepers as these have high airflow and hence reduce body heat efficiently. The natural materials used in these mattresses help maintain a decent body temperature, reducing sweating problems at night!

Best Innerspring Mattress  

Beautyrest Harmony Ocala Medium Pillow Top Mattress 15.5”

The Harmony Ocala Medium Pillow Top Mattress from Beautyrest is powered by a T1 pocketed coil technology for extra support. This innerspring mattress offers Naturalcool with Tencel, keeping the mattress’ surface cool. The gel touch foam on top makes it further comfortable and enhances its airflow and breathability.

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Memory Foam or Innerspring Mattresses - Which is better?

When it comes to answering which type of mattress is best, the answer solely rests on the user and their preference. Among the two varieties, the spring coil mattress is the traditional and older variant, but that doesn’t mean it lacks comfort. Numerous high-quality innerspring mattresses are available in the market, offering premium comfort to the user.

When widely comparing the two variants, it is extremely difficult to come up with a generalized opinion of which is better than the other. The variables have been discussed above, and hence it finally rests on the user on what they want.

Online mattress stores offer a try-and-buy feature for most of the popular mattresses these days. You can always try and buy to get the best value for your purchase!

After all, a good night’s sleep is every individual’s biggest waking dream!

February 15, 2022