Considering you spend about one-third of your life on a mattress, you need to choose a comfortable mattress, yet durable one. Buying the right mattress is key to leading a balanced life.

Even today, buying a mattress for most means visiting a mattress store and testing the models on comfort, price and size. Thanks to many existing and new companies moving online offering direct-to-consumer sales, mattresses have become more accessible and affordable.

Are you noticing advertisements and promotions on Mattress-in-a-box or bed-in-a-box lately?

Popularly known as mattress-in-a-box or bed-in-a-box, these mattresses are high-quality crafted mattresses that come in rolled, compressed, and vacuum-sealed in a box. These boxes are then shipped to the buyer and delivered to their doorstep. Once the mattress arrives, all the buyer needs to do is unbox it and wait for it to decompress. Voila! You have a brand-new bed.

The mattress industry has boomed, with these mattresses leaping into popularity. Even though many consumers are vouching for it, you need to find out if this mattress is the right fit for you.

Let’s take you through all the pros and cons of these mattresses.

Pro’s Con’s


Manufacturers supplying mattress-in-a-box have hit the sweet spot in terms of collection. There are not too many models to scare you, neither are there just a few for you to ignore. There is just the correct number of categories sleepers most often fit into.

No trials

Trials might be a big hurdle for those who try their mattress before buying it. Not all brands offer store-in trials. People have been going to mattress stores for many years and trying out their mattresses before purchasing.


Mattress-in-a-box shines when it comes to price points. Manufactures are smartly going direct-to-consumer” and efficiently cutting out the middle-men, which means more discounts to the consumer.


Not precisely for hot sleepers
If you feel hot at night, a memory foam mattress might not be the right choice for you. Memory foam mattresses usually trap heat and prevent air circulation, and this means that you could be turning and tossing in bed all night to keep yourself cool.

Convenient Deliveries

Home deliveries are a big deal for a lot of buyers. Most mattress-in-a-box companies offer free home deliveries to their consumers.

One issue consumers face is the tendency for a memory foam mattress to emit a smell after unboxing. The process of this smell being released is called off-gassing. Even though this odor disappears within a couple of days, it may be slightly unpleasant and annoying.

Low-risk buys

Mattress-in-box is considered a low-risk buy because of attractive discounts, sleep trials and home deliveries.  


One of the most remarkable advantages of a mattress in a box is memory foam. Good memory foam mattresses use body heat and pressure to contour the body at every level creating a mold of your body. The mattress supports your body's natural curves when this happens, offering excellent support. It also goes back to its original form once the sleeper is off the bed. The alignment of the neck, spine and other joints is perfectly supported.


People with allergies can rejoice because memory foam mattresses are known for their hypoallergenic properties, and their dense structure prevents allergens from settling on them, reducing allergic reactions. So, get ready for uninterrupted sleep.   


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Relaxed while listening to music in the bedroom with headphones on.


You can make your bedroom a place to relax and unwind if you want to by choosing the right mattress. A mattress-in-a-box can be a great choice and a great way to treat yourself to a comfortable bed. At the same time, it is key to note that memory foam mattresses are different with distinct qualities. One should know the basics of the mattress in a box and its features before making the purchase.

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