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Exceptional Comfort with Sealy Mattresses 

Sealy is one of the most trusted mattress brands, with its products available in over 60 countries. Sealy mattresses combine traditional comfort with innovative technologies to provide you with a comfortable sleep experience.

Manufactured in
the USA

Each Sealy mattress is designed and manufactured in the USA, providing you with a highly reliable product.


Sealy mattresses integrate their exclusive Posturepedic TechnologyTM to provide targeted support and achieve pressure relief.


Sealy products are made using Smart Fibers and provide you with a fresh, cool, dry, and hypoallergenic sleep system.

Sealy Collections

Sealy Mattresses - Comfort That's Proven To Last

Delivering Comfortable Sleep for 130 Years

Sealy’s origins can be traced back to 1881, when Daniel Haynes, the founder of Sealy, started creating cotton-filled mattresses for his friends. He then invented a machine in 1889 that could compress cotton and help make mattresses more quickly. With time, Sealy went on to achieve other milestones such as the development of Posturepedic TechnologyTM and other innovations that gave new meaning to a comfortable sleep experience.

sealy mattresssealy mattress
sealy posturepedic mattresssealy posturepedic mattress

Exclusive Posturepedic TechnologyTM

Sealy’s biggest claim to fame is the Posturepedic TechnologyTM used in its mattresses. The technology allows their mattress to reinforce support and direct it toward your back and core. It targets your heaviest body parts and enables your body to stay elevated while you sleep.

Suitable for All Types of Sleepers  

Sealy provides the best mattresses for all kinds of sleepers. Sealy’s memory foam mattresses are highly suitable for side sleepers. The company also has meticulously designed mattresses that meet the needs of back sleepers and stomach sleepers, making it the go-to mattress brand for all your needs.

sealy king size mattresssealy king size mattress

Customer Talk on Sealy

Our Customers Love Us And We Love Them!

John listened to my need and cost and looked at my choice of mattress. I loved how he did not try to sell me another mattress. No pressure! John answered all my questions and arranged to have my mattress delivered on Monday-it's Saturday.
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JessTheBest I.


My boyfriend and I went in not knowing what we wanted Both the sales people that helped us were very knowledgeable and very helpful I would highly recommend Mancinis Sleepworld Novato
Kelly Sanchez


Myyyy goodness! My husband and I laid on about ten mattresses and swapped back and forth between two of them many many times. At no point did we feel pressured to hurry up and make a decision! The customer service was incredible and Brandon made sure that we were getting what we wanted and understood the differences between each mattress! I highly recommend anyone not sure of what they want or 100% sure of what they want to go to Mancini's Sleepworld in Concord!!!
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Emily Greenhouse


Craig "Dino" made our mattress purchase an easy and great experience. Dino was very honest and his customer service was great. Thank you for selling us a good quality mattress with no hassle.
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Alfredo M.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is inside a Sealy mattress?

Sealy provides three types of mattresses. You can choose between a Sealy innerspring mattress, a Sealy memory foam mattress, and a Sealy hybrid mattress. The composition and materials used for each mattress will vary. A Sealy innerspring mattress has a coil support system, while a Sealy hybrid mattress is built using memory foam and coils.

What are the benefits of a Sealy mattress?

Sealy products offer various benefits at different price points. Some of the key features of these mattresses include the use of Posturepedic TechnologyTM and ChillTM Cooling technology. Visit us at Mancini’s Sleepwords to know more about the features and benefits of each Sealy mattress, and our sleep experts will help you choose the one that suits you the best. Sealy mattresses are available at competitive prices and are easy to order online, delivered to your doorstep, and easy to set up in your home. All in all, a great value at a great price!

How long do Sealy mattresses last?

Most Sealy mattresses are made to last 6 to 8 years. However, we recommend checking your mattress periodically to make sure it offers the comfort and support you need. As your requirements change over time, you can consider buying a new mattress to achieve quality sleep. 

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