Your guide to the Best Hybrid Mattresses in the US!

Your guide to the Best Hybrid Mattresses in the US!

There are many kinds of mattresses circulating in the world today. With so much advancement in technology today, there is a mattress for every need. There is a mattress to help you with back pain or injuries. There is a mattress you can adjust as you like. There is a mattress that doesn’t wake your partner when you move in sleep. There is a mattress to keep your body temperature cool while sleeping and many others. 

So, what is a hybrid mattress? In laymen’s terms, a hybrid mattress is nothing but a combination of two or more types of mattresses. The variety may include memory foam, latex, or innerspring mattress. 

What is a Hybrid Mattress? 

A hybrid mattress is made using multiple support systems. It usually combines the characteristics of a memory foam mattress with an innerspring mattress. This combination gives the mixed comfort of both the mattresses in one- Hybrid Mattress. 

An innerspring mattress is known for its responsiveness and firmness. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses are famous for their pain-relieving benefits and softness. When the properties of these two mattresses combine, they form the best hybrid mattresses for your comfort and a good night’s sleep.

What are the important features of Hybrid mattresses?

The features of a hybrid mattress lie in its layer. The manufacturing process of a hybrid mattress is unique, making it more comfortable than other mattresses. The components that form a hybrid include layers of both innerspring and memory foam mattresses. The main components of hybrid mattresses are:

  • Top Layer

This is the comfort layer where your body can feel the comfort a mattress provides. The top layer of a hybrid mattress is made of latex or memory foam. It also has a gelling agent on it to keep you cool at night. 

  • Base Layer

A base layer is usually a 1-inch layer of foam and acts as the bedrock of the mattress. It provides the mattress padding, stability, and sturdiness it needs. 

  • Support Layer

You can see the components of an innerspring mattress here, in this layer. The layer is about 7 to 8 inches in thickness and contains coils and pocket-wrapped springs. The springs provide the support that makes innerspring mattresses unique. 

The components mentioned above complete a hybrid mattress. So, if you visit a mattress store to buy a hybrid mattress, make sure it provides these features. Otherwise, it’s not a hybrid mattress. 

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Mattresses

Brands like Hybrid Infinity Mattresses aim to design perfect mattresses with a mixture of the best innerspring and memory foam mattress components. The blending parts manufacturers use susceptible to drawbacks. 

The pros of using such hybrid mattresses are:

  • Maintenance

These mattresses are easy to maintain. When you use an innerspring mattress, you have to flip or turn it occasionally to take care of the spring issue. However, this problem solves itself when you use a hybrid mattress. It means that you don’t have to flip or give occasional turns to hybrid mattresses.

  • Cooling

Memory foam mattresses have viscoelastic properties that retain body heat. This retaining heat the mattresses and can disturb your sleep too. Hybrid mattresses don’t have this problem as they contain gel-infused foam. This component increases your breathability and keeps your body cool through the night. 

  • Motion Transfer

Hybrid mattresses use memory foam which enhances motion isolation. This characteristic is beneficial for those who sleep with a partner. The memory foam layer absorbs shock and movements so your partner or you can sleep in peace. You or your partner can toss, turn, or move in bed, and the other won’t be disturbed. 

  • Comfort

The biggest pro that we all look for when going to buy a mattress is its comfort. With pocketed coil in its core, the hybrid mattress provides incredible firmness and support. It also adds extra comfort by matching the movement of your body in bed. 

The cons of hybrid mattresses are:

  • Weight

The materials used in developing a hybrid mattress are heavier compared to an innerspring mattress. This weight difference can make it difficult to move the mattress from one place to another. However, there are mattress helpers who can help you move it.

  • Confusion

Some mattress vendors say that their mattress is a hybrid one when it is not. If you are buying an authentic hybrid mattress, look for the foam layer. The memory foam layer will be on the top of the mattress and at least 2 inches tall. However, you can trust brands like iComfort Hybrid, Nectar, Aireloom, and a few others. 

  • Price

As the popularity of hybrid mattresses is increasing, the prices are also increasing. Plus, the materials used in the making of hybrid mattresses are costlier than traditional mattress manufacturing. 

Which Hybrid Mattress is Best for You?

There are multiple factors involved, as we mentioned above, to choose the best mattress for you. If you are facing joint pains, then there is a particular hybrid mattress for that. Similarly, for each kind of issue you face, a hybrid mattress will have a solution most of the time. 

There are brands you can believe in to provide you with the comfort you deserve and solve every problem, suggest Sleep Science. Some of the hybrid mattress manufacturers you can rely on are Tempur-Pedic Medium Hybrid, Hybrid Infinity Mattress, Hybrid Infinity Iconand Hybrid Infinity Radiance. 

You can also take expert help to find the perfect mattress for yourself. Visit an in-store appointment with a sleep expert at Mancini’s Sleepworld near you. You can find Mancini’s Sleepworld at 34 different locations available to provide you the best service with offers, discounts, and long-lasting warranties.

July 07, 2021