Your Guide to Find the Best Gel Mattress in the US!

Your Guide to Find the Best Gel Mattress in the US!

Since the inception of mattresses, the industry has evolved in many ways. There are many kinds of mattresses with varying shapes and materials. However, one kind of mattress that has become very popular is a gel mattress. There are many types of gel mattresses, like a hybrid gel mattress and acool gel mattress. If you go as per the sizes, then a king gel mattress is chosen most by Americans. Some people confuse gel mattresses with memory foam mattresses, but they are both different.

What is Gel Mattress?

The memory foam in a gel mattress is infused with a special kind of gel. There are two basic variants in gel mattresses- Hybrid mattresses made of gel foam and other components and all-foam that are entirely made of gel foam. 

When it comes to the feel of the mattress, gel mattresses are similar to a memory foam mattress. The cushioning and pressure-relieving support in both types of mattresses is also the same. The unique quality in a gel mattress that separates it from other mattresses is its springiness and how it comes back to its original form as soon as you get up. 

Heat retention is one of the most significant problems people who sleep on memory foam mattresses face but you can overcome this problem by using a gel mattress. It regulates the temperature effectively, adds breathability and airflow for better sleep. There are a few sleepers who complain about heat retention while using a gel mattress. That is why it’s essential to test, try and then commit to the mattress. There are various types of gel mattresses you can choose among what suits you. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Gel Mattresses?

Gel mattresses are one of the best mattresses in the market. Thus, the advantages overpower the disadvantages.

Advantages of a gel mattress include:

Quick Shape Regain

A gel mattress has a property known as plasticity, due to which it can easily accommodate the sleeper on its material. This versatility of the mattress avoids pressure points and causes no pain to the sleeper. It also reduces joint pains and gives a good night’s sleep. 

A unique feature of a gel mattress is that it quickly springs back when you get up from the mattress. The mattress comes back to its actual shape quicker than a memory foam mattress. This quality helps those who toss and turn in while asleep as it provides more effortless movement in bed. Many people also complain about getting stuck in a memory foam mattress, and the gel mattress solves that issue. 

Cooler mattress

As said above, memory foam and other mattresses can trap you on their surface, which causes heat retention, and you get sweaty. This heat also forces you not to sleep or wake up if you are asleep, disturbing your sleep. On the other hand, gel mattresses provide air circulation, so your body has the optimal temperature it needs to sleep peacefully through the night. This property makes it suitable for those who get hot a lot in their sleep. 

Heavy People are Benefactors

Many people who are overweight find it a little difficult to sleep in other mattresses. They feel uncomfortable as there is not much support to rest their body. However, gel mattresses take the shape of their sleeper and provide them comfort to get in and out of bed. If you are on that side of the weight, then consider a gel mattress for back sleepers. It provides more comfort, keeps your body relaxed, and your pressure points won’t be in danger.

Low Motion Transfer

If you are a couple and your partner’s movement in bed disturbs your sleep, then you would understand this. However, there are gel mattresses for partners, or you can say a gel mattress is a perfect partner for couples to sleep delightfully. Apart from movement, sometimes your partner may feel restless and not able to sleep. The viscoelastic materials used in gel mattresses absorb the tossing and turning energy so you can relax on your side of the mattress. 

Disadvantages of sleeping on a gel mattress are:

1. Cost

Although sleeping on a gel mattress is worth it, you may feel the cost is higher than the budget. Various brands have a different price range for a cool gel mattress or gel hybrid mattress. These two are among the best gel mattresses but are also a little expensive than other mattresses.

2. Weight

The gel mattresses are comfortable, and the technology used in their manufacturing makes them heavy. These mattresses are thick as lots of materials are used to make them. Thus, you may find it challenging to handle them alone. If you have to reposition it, then you need to take help from multiple people. 

3. Non-Portable

As said above, these mattresses are heavy, and thus you cannot shift them from one place to another alone. So, if you are willing to buy a gel mattress, then make sure you have a perfect spot to place it already. 

How to Choose the Best Gel Mattresses?

There are multiple ways to choose a gel mattress. For example, there are different gel mattresses for hot sleepers, couples, and back sleepers. The simple ways to choose a gel mattress are:

Trials and Warranties

You should always check for warranties and home trials that companies and mattress stores provide. It is essential to know that you should return it if you are not happy with the mattress. 

Safety Standards

Gel mattresses are very safe, but there could be some manufacturing mishaps. Besides that, make sure the product you are buying meets the flammability requirements as per the law. 

Company Reputation

The most crucial factor in choosing a gel mattress or any other mattress is to know what company it belongs to. Learning about the brand and its history can help you a lot in making your decision. 

Where to Buy the Best Gel Mattresses?

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July 07, 2021