What to Look for in a Baby Mattress?

What to Look for in a Baby Mattress?

A good night's sleep is not only essential but also crucial for children. Kids' bodies are in their developing stage, and sleep helps in development- physically and mentally. For example, a toddler can grow up to 1.5 cm every night with quality sleep. Thus, they need more sleep than adults. 

Depending on the age, children need to sleep between 10 and 14 hours. A lot of people think it is okay for their child to sleep for a few hours. However, it's not. According to a Sleep Science study, most children develop their brains by turning a teen. Thus, toddlers and babies need to sleep well so their bodies can develop. 

The body goes into development and repair mode when we sleep. That's why, even for adults, doctors ask to rest and sleep well during any injuries. Similarly, in children and toddlers, sleep helps develop healthy joints, bones, and muscles. Along with physical growth, sleeping also develops memory, learning abilities, behavior, and overall mental health. 

When children don't sleep well, it causes various physical and mental health issues. These problems include obesity, high blood pressure, mental health problems, behavioral issues, and others. Sometimes you do everything best for your child, like giving them required proteins, playtime, and cautious toys. But forget one of the most vital parts of their life- an ideal mattress. 

An unsuitable mattress can cause a lot of damage to your child. Finding an ideal mattress for a baby is not similar to choosing one for adults. Below are some vital factors to keep in mind when choosing a mattress for a child. 

  • Mattress for different stages

The foremost thing to know about choosing a mattress for a child is that there'll be a series of beds as they grow up. The sizes of mattresses also change as kids grow, so prepare for constant mattress shopping. 

The first mattress your baby will sleep on is called a cot mattress. The infant will then move on to a bed from the cot between 18 and 6 months. However, there is no time rule as to when your child should move from cot to bed. It depends on how fast or slow their growth is. However, it's good to move from cot to bed when the child climbs out of the cot. You can also move them on during potty training, so it's easier for them to get off the bed. 

When they're walking well, you can put them in a single bed, also known as the toddler bed. These mattresses are smaller in size and halfway house, measuring 70 x 140 cm compared to 90 x 190 cm single bed size. You can also use a significant of time for your child to sleep on the floor. Put the cot mattress or single bed on the floor to lower their risk of falling and hurting themselves. 

  • Mattress firmness

The spine of a child keeps growing consistently in a phase-by-phase manner. Thus, it's crucial to keep their spine in a neutral position, especially at night while they sleep. It's not just about a firm or soft mattress for kids; it's about the comfort, support, and quality of sleep in question. 

For this reason, specialists suggest the use of a medium to the medium-firm mattress. Using a soft mattress may not keep their spine alignment in check. Also, a firm mattress may not provide a child's comfort during sleep.

There's another reason why a soft or firm mattress is not suitable for children. They don't just sleep on their mattress but also play, jump, bounce, fight, build forts, etc. A soft mattress will outgrow quickly, and a firm mattress also ebbs over time. As a kid, you may have slept on an old or washed-up mattress as a teenager. However, it's crucial to get the ideal mattress for the growth of your kid's spine. 

Doctors and specialists recommend changing a mattress every three years for kids between three and ten years. For ten to sixteen years of children, the mattress lifespan can be five years. 

  • Mattress for bedwetting

Choosing a mattress for a child can be confusing, especially for age below five as they wet their beds. It may take them a while for kids to sleep through nights dry. Some children stop bedwetting at an early age, and for some, it's hard. One of the best ways to keep the mattress safe against bedwetting is using a waterproof mattress/bed protector. 

Mattress protectors come with an elastic skirt, so it is wrapped neatly around the mattress. A good mattress protector will consist of a top layer for comfort, a waterproof layer, and an absorbent layer. These mattress protectors are also easy to wash and removable. 

  • Mattress materials

There's no universal answer to this question as everyone has different opinions. Most professionals prescribe sprung mattresses to keep children's spines aligned. The sprung mattress also provides a cooler atmosphere and breathing space. Children get the most support from pocket sprung mattresses as they're supportive compared to open-coil mattresses. 

If your kid turns and tosses a lot in bed, it is better to go for a memory foam mattress and not a sprung mattress. The material used in manufacturing a memory foam mattress will keep them in a more comfortable sleeping position. You should avoid a sprung mattress if your child has allergies or use an anti-allergen mattress protector. 

If your child sleeps hot on memory foam, use a latex mattress. Latex mattresses may be a little expensive than memory foam. They provide more breathing space and are naturally temperature-regulating. 

Shop for the Perfect Mattress

Mattress shopping can be overwhelming. With so many choices to choose from, finding the perfect mattress requires an expert opinion. At Mancini's Sleepworld, our mattress specialists help you find the best mattress from leading brands, perfect for your toddler's good night's sleep and overall development. Apart from mattress specialist's advice, SleepMatch helps you find the perfect mattress that suits your body. The science-based technology use color-coding to match you with the ideal mattress. So, what are you waiting for? Shop at Mancini's Sleepworld to provide your toddler with the comfort they deserve. 

October 25, 2021