Very Soft or Extra Firm Mattress? Choose the Best That Suits You!

Very Soft or Extra Firm Mattress? Choose the Best That Suits You!

There is no doubt that mattress shopping is a long process. There are so many different kinds of mattresses to choose from that it’s confusing. There are sizes, types, and significant investments, making the decision more difficult. Out of all these confusions,

the biggest question a new mattress buyer asks themselves is choosing between an extra firm vs a very soft mattress.

It is one of the biggest questions to start when looking for a new mattress comfort-wise. The mattress firmness decides the comfort you need, especially if you have any particular conditions like joint pains or sleeping positions. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of choosing between an extra firm or very soft mattress, depending on your personal choices.

Which Mattress is Better- Extra Firm or Very Soft?

The most crucial point to know about the firmness of a mattress is to see the rating scale companies use. Every mattress is rated between 1 and 10. Medium soft mattresses are considered to be around 6.5 on the rating scale. A mattress that ranks below 6.5 is soft and above 6.5 is a firm mattress. You can find this rating system at every mattress store, not only for firmness but also for every characteristic.

For example, an innerspring mattress without a comfort layer will be firm than other kinds of mattresses. Also, the firmness depends on the grade of the coils, but innerspring mattresses are firmer than others. Mattresses in which latex is used are also firm but more supportive than innerspring. Latex is durable but not very long and does not provide enough support compared to some foam mattresses.

Foam mattresses like memory foam are mostly softer than your average mattresses, which means they fall below the 6.5 ratings. These mattresses give an excellent feel when you lie on them and are great for pressure relief too. However, not every foam mattress is softer than average. The softness of a mattress depends on the thickness of the comfort layer. Sleep Science suggests that it’s better to take the help of a sleep expert at mattress stores if you don’t know the difference when looking for a new mattress.

The firmness of a mattress also depends on the body weight and size of the sleeper. For example, a person under 200 pounds will find a mattress with memory foam extra soft. On the other hand, someone with over 200 pounds may not see the identical mattress as soft enough. Also, the coils of an innerspring mattress will compress when a heavier person uses it. He or she will feel it to be softer as the coils will be compressed and provide comfort. On the same innerspring mattress, a lightweight person won’t push it and feel firm.

The Pros & Cons of Extra Firm and Very Soft mattresses

There are many firm mattress benefits, and being comfortable for most people is one of them. You will sink a lot in a very soft mattress but not much in a firm mattress. This feeling arises as you feel “on top” of the mattress when sleeping on an extra firm mattress. Also, usually, there is no real-time problem of movement in an extra firm mattress.

The phenomenon mentioned above also makes a firm mattress cooler than a soft mattress. You feel cooler because the body is not deep in the mattress, and there is enough space for air to pass through your body and around the bed. However, side sleepers may find it difficult to sleep on a firm mattress as there is insufficient cushion support. This makes firm mattresses less likable as people don’t see them as comfortable enough.

When looking for a mattress that supports pressure relief, go for soft or very soft mattresses. For side sleepers, there is enough cushion space which reduces shoulder and hip pressure too. Apart from that, most people describe soft and very soft mattresses to be more comfortable. This belief could be because most people are side- sleepers.

Very soft mattresses surely rate higher than extra firm mattresses when it comes to pressure relief and comfort, but they lack support. These types of mattresses are unable to handle people with heavy weight. Also, soft mattresses provide less comfort for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. People who like to move around the bed in sleep should go for extra firm mattresses rather than very soft mattresses. However, when you are a side sleeper, soft and very soft mattresses are perfect for you.

Extra Firm Mattress is Good for?

If you have questions like- is a firm mattress better for your back? Then here is a list of reasons to choose it.

  • Some back sleepers

For back sleepers, your hips need to sink in a little while sleeping. You can also choose a medium-firm mattress for a bit of sinkage and more air.

  • Stomach sleeper

People who sleep on their stomachs need a mattress that supports their entire body, especially under the hips. An extra firm mattress can provide such support and give neutral alignment to the spine.

  • Who likes to sleep on top of the mattress

If you don’t like to sink in the softness of a mattress, then a firm or extra firm mattress is

your perfect sleeping companion.

  • Large people

People who are heavier than average need more support, which an extra firm mattress provides better than very soft mattresses.

  • Hot sleepers

Extra firm mattresses are cooler than very soft mattresses, as mentioned above. So, if you get hot quickly, then choose a firmer mattress that supports your sleeping positions.

Why Choose a Very Soft Mattress?

  • Pain issues

If you struggle with hip or joints pain, then a soft mattress can provide you with better comfort.

  • Couples

Mattresses that are soft like memory foam handle motion transfer better. Thus, you and your partner can sleep in peace if the other moves in their sleep.

  • Side sleeping

Very soft mattresses provide more comfort to side sleepers as the top layer is soft, and there is enough relieving pressure for the shoulders and hips.

A very soft mattress can also help you with back pain but only if you are below average weight. Otherwise, it is better to use an extra firm full-size mattress. For more information and clarity on which mattress to buy, book an in-store appointment with sleep experts at Mancini’s Sleepworld Mattress. We are available in 34 locations near you and available online to help you with your every need.

July 07, 2021