Top Tips for your Snoring Partner

Top Tips for your Snoring Partner

Almost everyone snores; while some might snore occasionally, others snore every day. If you have a partner who snores, it might also disturb your sleep. Instead of being frustrated and sleeping with pillows over your ears, it is high time you take steps to reduce the snoring. To help do this, we need to know what causes snoring.

Snoring- What does it mean?

If you cannot move air freely through your nose and throat during sleep, this is when snoring happens. The surrounding tissues vibrate, creating the sound we call "snoring." Generally, people who tend to snore more have "floppy" tissues which cause such sound. 

Your partner's snoring makes him/her prone to health hazards and daytime fatigue. At the same time, if you stay awake due to the snores, you will also feel sleepy throughout the day! 

Other than changing bedrooms to sleep, there are some practical solutions. These can salvage your sleep and relationship!

How to stop snoring

Sleep Position 

Sleeping on your back can leave your tongue and soft palate to collapse at the back of your throat. This causes obstruction and breathing leads to snoring. But, if you are a side sleeper, the problem rarely arises. 

Try to use a body pillow that offers a comfortable sleep position. With a body pillow, you will slowly get into the habit of sleeping on your side and thereby get rid of snoring. Side sleeping is also medically proven to be one of the best sleeping positions. It has a wide range of health benefits too! 

Weight Loss

It is more of a myth that only people with higher weight snore. However, weight loss can be a good option if you have recently gained weight and started snoring. If you gain weight around your neck area, it leads to pressure on the internal diameter of the throat. This leads to obstruction, and snoring as a result. 


With growing age, the muscle tone of our throat starts decreasing. Such a change often leads to snoring, and if this is the case with your partner, then there are a few ways out of this. 

While you cannot prevent aging, you can encourage your partner to exercise and lose weight to end snoring. Bedtime routine and lifestyle changes are also effective in warding off snoring.   

Avoid Alcohol 

Alcohol or sedatives make your throat muscles rest at the back of the wall. It leads to severe snoring, so avoiding alcohol at least 5 hours before sleep is recommended. People who do not snore any day will find themselves snoring the day they have had alcohol. When your muscles get relax more than usual, it causes snoring. Also, avoid tranquilizing drugs such as lorazepam and diazepam. 

Maintain a good sleep routine 

People with a high sleep deficit are more likely to suffer from snoring issues. If your partner is not taking sleep routine seriously, it is high time you let him/her know its importance. If a person is overworking and staying up late, it reduces the time a body needs to rest and recover. When they sleep, they are overtired; hence, the muscles are floppier than ever. It leads to more snoring! 

Speak to them today about the science of sleep. 

Keep the nasal passage open 

Air travels through the nasal passage; hence if it is blocked, there are high chances of snoring. A hot shower before bed is recommended to keep the nasal passage clear and open. Use saltwater to rinse off your nose during bathing so that it is clear from any blockage. If the problem persists, you can try nasal strips that help lift the passage up when you are asleep. 

This is essential if you are searching for how to stop snoring while sleeping, especially if you snore from the nose. The cleaner your nasal passage, the lesser the snores! 

Choose the perfect pillow 

It is a must that you choose the perfect pillow as they play a significant role in sleep. For your snoring partner, understand what kind of pillow will suit him/her best. Choose firmer pillows if you want to prop up the head to prevent snoring. 

Also, your sleep hygiene is important. Pet dander and dust mites on your pillow or mattress can lead to allergies. These allergies cause inflammation which in turn leads to snoring. Hence, create a routine for maintaining the hygiene of all your sleep essentials. 

Get an adjustable bed 

An adjustable bed is one of the best choices for treating such snoring habits. It offers elevation to the head, neck, and shoulders, enhancing airflow. When there's proper airflow through the nasal passage, the chances of snoring reduce drastically. Also, it is estimated that around 30-40 percent of people who snore may suffer from sleep apnea. 

Sleep apnea is a significant health hazard and has numerous impacts on health. With an adjustable bed, the chances of sleep apnea can also be reduced drastically! 

You can check out Mancini's Sleepworld to get an adjustable bed for your snoring partner.

Quit smoking & stay hydrated 

The relation between smoking and snoring is direct as both meanders around the upper respiratory area. It has been found that smoking causes inflammation of the upper airways, which leads to snoring. Also, nicotine is known to reduce melatonin production that hinders sleep. People are more likely to snore when their sleep is incomplete or they have slept after hours of trying hard to fall asleep. 

Drink plenty of water the entire day as it will keep you hydrated. When you skip the water, the secretion in your nasal passage becomes stickier and causes obstruction. This might lead to snoring; therefore, proper fluid intake is essential! 

Best Adjustable Base for Snoring & Sleep Apnea 


Ergo Extend Adjustable Base with Sleept racker AI

The Tempur Ergo Extend Adjustable Base comes with Sleeptracker AI. It offers enhanced sleep analytics and snore detection. You can also choose from an optimized set of preset sleep postures which ergonomic experts have curated. There are also four-zone massage, USB ports, and underbed lighting. The smooth ergonomic movement and elevation will help in reducing snores significantly.

When you search online for how to stop snoring immediately, you will end up with solutions that might not give you immediate effect. Instead, follow these steps, and you will find your partner snoring less with time. This way, both of you can have a restful sleep all night long! 

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October 11, 2022