Shower then Sleep? Or Sleep then Shower? The New Chicken or the Egg Question.

Shower then Sleep? Or Sleep then Shower? The New Chicken or the Egg Question.

The debate has probably raged as long as there have been showers. In one camp, the morning shower people, who swear by the pick-me-up they get from showering off to start their day. In the other, the night showerers, who disdain the thought of going to bed dirty and say a shower soothes them before sleep. Which side is correct, according to science? Actually, according to science, there’s no firm scientific answer. In fact, both sides make some excellent points.

Morning Showers

On the side of morning showers, they do help people wake up. A morning shower can help you shake off the night and get your head together before starting your day. You can take time in the shower to meditate and regroup, and to think about your upcoming day. After a morning shower, your skin is at its best, because a morning shower stimulates your skin cells. If you have oily skin, you sweat at night, or you work out in the morning, a morning shower makes sense. If you have a hard time waking up, a morning shower may give you the boost you need.

Night Showers

What about night showers? If you have trouble getting to sleep at night, showering about 90 minutes before bedtime can help. That’s because your body temperature begins to drop as bedtime approaches. When you shower your temperature is artificially elevated and then cools down more quickly. Showering can also help your muscles to relax and give you some time to decompress and shake off the day. The best reason for showering at night, though, is to wash away the grime of the day. If you’ve been out and about all day, it’s good to get rid of dirt and germs before settling in for the night. An added benefit of a nighttime shower is that many utility companies charge lower rates during off-peak hours, so your hot water may end up costing less.

Whatever you do, make it a routine!

So, while it’s really a matter of personal choice, the scale tips slightly in favor of those who prefer showering at night. But guess what? Whatever you choose, your shower can be an important part of your routine! If you shower regularly at night or in the morning, it can help your body get into a routine and help you fall asleep or wake up.

While Showering at Night Can Help Your Sleep Quality, So Can Your Mattress

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November 12, 2020