Keeping your Bedroom Clean

Keeping your Bedroom Clean

Your bedroom should be a haven of rest, a sanctuary from the rest of the world. For too many of us, though, the bedroom becomes a repository of things we’re stashing away from the main areas, a place where both clean and dirty laundry pile up with impunity, and, in general, a mess. How can you get your bedroom clean and reclaim this relaxing space? We’ve got some helpful tips.

Lose the clutter!

Put away the laundry, clear off the furniture, and pick up anything that’s hanging out on the floor. If you’re finding that even when things are put “away” you can still see them, invest in some storage to keep things looking neat.

Keep your bedding clean.

Your sheets and pillowcases should be washed in hot water at least once a week; otherwise they’re breeding grounds for bacteria. If you always use a top sheet, you can wash your comforter, blankets, or duvet cover every two to three weeks. If they touch your skin, wash them every week. Every three or four months, vacuum your mattress and wash your pillows.

Make your bed every day.

This may seem pointless and tedious, but try it for a week and you’ll see a difference in your room and your mindset. If you have tons of pillow shams and throw pillows that are making this chore seem like a hassle, consider streamlining your design.

Ditch the concept of “clirty” clothes.

Are they clean or are they dirty? It can be tempting to drape an outfit you wore for just a few hours over the back of a chair, but don’t do it! Clothes are either clean, and should be put away, or they’re dirty and need to go into the hamper. Weird laundry limbo benefits neither your wardrobe nor your bedroom.

Oust the dust.

The bedroom isn’t clean until you’ve dusted the surfaces and swept or vacuumed the floors. Want it to really shine? Clean the windows while you’re at it.


In as little as ten minutes each day, you can keep your bedroom clean. First, put away items that have specific homes, and collect misplaced items that don’t. Make the bed, dust the surfaces, and sweep or vacuum. Then carry those misplaced items away and find places for them. That’s all it takes to keep your bedroom tidy.

Get the Perfect Finishing Touches for your Bedroom

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October 02, 2020