How Mattress Affects Sleep and is it needed for a good sleep?

How Mattress Affects Sleep and is it needed for a good sleep?

You can’t sleep properly at night, and you think the reason is your mattress? You are not wrong. Experts from Sleep Science believe that seeping is essential for health, and what you sleep on can help you sleep longer. However, what kind of mattress and surface is comfortable for every person is subjective. There is science behind the mattresses manufactured today, and you can choose a mattress as per your need. 

What Makes a Mattress Good?

research published by Science Direct says that the best mattress for almost every US citizen is medium-firm. The study further suggests that it is better to opt for a medium-firm mattress with adjustable firmness. This type of mattress promotes better sleep quality, better comfort, and spinal alignment. Click here to know more about adjustable beds. 

People suffering from body aches pain should choose their sleeping surface cautiously as it plays a significant role. The research suggests people who slept on medium-firm memory foam mattresses saw a tremendous decrease in body pains. Not only that, but they also fell asleep faster and for a longer time. 

However, other studies suggest that latex mattresses are better than memory foam mattresses as it puts less peak pressure on the body. A latex mattress resists the feeling of sinking in, which is not the case with a memory foam mattress. Avoiding this sinkage feeling keeps the sleeper above the mattress at a comfortable airflow and temperature.

In the most general sense, a mattress should help you to breathe better at night, not get you too warm, keep your spine curvature intact, among other needs. 

How a Mattress Affects Your Sleep

There are several ways in which a mattress can affect your sleep without you noticing. You will observe some minor issues but ignore them until they become big enough to disrupt your sleep. Below are some reasons a mattress can affect your sleep schedule. 

  • Stress

Everyone knows that sleeping can ease your stress. It is crucial to sleep for an appropriate amount of time for the body to function cognitively. When your mattress is not supportive enough, it can hamper your life in many ways, such as poor decision making, lack of focus, memory issues, and many others. If you don’t want to fall prey to such problems, make sure you have a good night’s sleep. A memory foam mattress is a good option if you deal with stress regularly as it contours the shape of your body and helps you sleep better.

  • Allergies

This is another primary reason why people can’t sleep comfortably at night as they have allergies. While sleeping, we tend to shed dead skin, hair, and sweat. These things attract many allergens, which can disrupt sleep. So, it is vital to have a mattress that can absorb your sweat and not let it slip out to attract allergens. These mattresses are also immune to dust mites and will not let your dead excrement seep into the surface. 

  • Pain and Aches

As stated above, the right mattress firmness can help you to sleep better and ease your body pains and aches. A medium-firm mattress, more commonly known as an orthopedic mattress, is perfect for people who suffer from body aches and pain. An orthopedic mattress not only relieves you from pains and aches but will also make your spine alignment better. You have to make sure your mattress distributes your weight evenly and does not create any pressure points for your body. 

  • Posture

Apart from spine alignment, other body parts also need support from the mattress when you lie on it. So, choose a mattress that does not leave any gap between you and the surface. Different types of sleeping positions should not matter, and a mattress should be able to comfort you. So, choose your mattress accordingly!

  • Comfort

The most important reason people buy a mattress is to have a comfortable sleep. There is no single mattress that can serve everyone as everyone has different desires and choices. However, the goal is common- to sleep comfortably, pain-free, and peacefully. When you decide to buy a mattress, do not compromise as it is an investment and not a luxury. Not having a good mattress can cause an interruption in your sleep and keep you up at night. Before you decide to buy a mattress, test it as every brand and mattress store gives you that option.

Which Type of Mattress is Best for Your Body? 

There are four basic types of mattresses you can choose from as per your compatibility, needs, and budget. 

1. Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses provide support by using a string of spring coils made from metal. These spring coils can be tied together to form a single unit across the mattress or maybe wrapped individually. The coil gauge used in the production of these mattresses refers to the thickness of wires. If the coil gauge number is lower, the mattress is that much thick and provides more support. 

2. Memory Foam Mattress

The layer of memory foam present in this mattress will reduce the pressure points when you lie on it. This reduction in pressure points will increase the blood flow and softens body contouring. Due to its anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite properties, memory foam mattresses provide a healthy sleep environment. 

3. Hybrid Mattress

If you think innerspring and foam mattresses are expensive, then simply opt for a hybrid mattress. The top qualities of both mattresses are present in hybrid mattresses. The top layer of this mattress is filled with coils and helps with motion isolation also. So, when your partner moves in the bed, you won’t feel anything, and it will not disturb your sleep. 

Where to Buy a Mattress for a Good Sleep?

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July 30, 2021