Firm or Soft Mattress? Choose the Best That Suits You!

Firm or Soft Mattress? Choose the Best That Suits You!

It is a well-known fact that we spend one-third of our everyday lives in bed. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the time we spend in our beds has increased. A good mattress is essential to give you the sleep you need and keep you asleep for an appropriate time. When you sleep comfortably, you can go through your day efficiently and do not miss things. Thus, owning a good mattress is very important. 

Every person has a different sleeping position, and that's where a good mattress that makes you comfortable comes in to play. Your mattress could be too firm for your body or too soft to your liking. You may think it is unnecessary to think so much for a mattress, but that's not true. Your back pain, sore muscles, or sleep-deprived eyes might say a different story.

When you decide to change your mattress, it is crucial to do thorough research. Buying a mattress is like an investment, and you don't want to get stuck with the wrong mattress for the next five years, minimum. Yes, that's the minimum life of any mattress, and that's why we call it an investment. Some mattresses last longer, even for a decade. 

Firm vs. soft Mattress Firmness

The debate between the firm and soft mattresses has always been there among mattress buyers. Some people buy a firm memory soft mattress thinking it would help their body aches, and it does. However, others feel more comfortable sleeping on a very soft mattress. This is why before you buy a mattress, it is essential to know the traits of each type of mattress. 

1. Soft Mattress

These mattresses weigh lowest on the mattress firmness scale. They provide minor support to the body. When you lie down on a soft mattress, you sink into it. The mattress hugs you totally and embraces your body. If you experience hip or shoulder pain, then this is the best mattress to opt for. 

The upper layer of this mattress uses very soft material to provide utmost comfort. Similar material is also used to strengthen its core so the mattress can handle your body and hug your body. However, using such soft mattresses also mean that their lifespan is shorter than other firm mattresses.

2. Firm Mattress

Firm mattresses are exactly the opposite on the firmness scale compared to soft mattresses. They provide the most comfort out of all the mattresses because of their firmness number. If you don't like to sink into your mattress, this is the best one. You don't sink at all when sleeping on a firm mattress. This type of mattress's core and comfort layer is made to keep you on the mattress while sleeping. 

Most people enjoy it, but many others also feel like they are sleeping away from the bed and aloof. The people who don't want this mattress are side-sleepers as they require more cushion. Sleeping in such a position on a firm mattress can cause shoulder and hip pain as it compresses their body. It can also create numbness in parts of the body while sleeping. 

If you are a heavy sleeper, then a firm mattress is suitable for your spinal support. This mattress is also good for people who suffer from back pain regularly. The mattress allows maximum airflow as you don't sink into it and also keeps you cooler comparatively. 

Another good thing about firm mattresses is that they are less expensive than soft mattresses. However, that does not mean firm mattresses have a shorter lifespan. For example, mattresses with higher firmness levels also rate higher in their life cycle. 

How to Choose Mattress Firmness for You?

One should think about many factors before buying a mattress as we spend so much time on them. The mattress should be comfortable for you and also your partner if you have one. The factors involved to consider about firmness before buying a mattress include:

1. Back pain issues

People who suffer from back pain should get sleep on mattresses that are too soft. There is not enough in soft mattresses, and that can cause further problems. You can, however, go for a medium-firm to firm mattress to support your spine and keep it aligned correctly. 

2. Weight

Bodyweight is an essential factor to consider when looking for a mattress. If you weigh light, then you can choose between medium-soft to soft. If you weigh average, then almost every mattress works for you. So, you can select the firmness of your mattress as per your sleeping position, pain points, and other factors. If you weigh more than 200 pounds, it is advised that you sleep on a firm mattress for more significant support. 

3. Sleeping positions

As mentioned above, it is crucial to choose the firmness of your mattress after considering your sleeping position. You don't want to wake up with a sprain because you chose a mattress that is not compatible with your sleeping position. 

A side sleeper needs more cushion to sleep on, and people who sleep on their back are most versatile. Back sleepers only need support for their spine and can adjust to all kinds of firmness. If you keep changing your position while sleeping, you can go for a medium range of firmness. 

4. Heat at night

According to Sleep Science research, many people overheat during the night. They don't know that it could be because of using a memory foam mattress and other mattresses with softer comfort layers. These soft mattresses tend to trap heat inside when you lie on them. 

Which Mattress Store to Choose?

The best kind of mattress store is the one where you can get help. For example, at Mancini's Sleepworld, there are sleep experts available to help you so you can choose the perfect mattress for you. The experts know better and can help you find a mattress in your range, help you sleep better, and in better conditions as you want. You can book an in-store appointment with Mancini's sleep experts as they are now available in 34 locations near you.

July 07, 2021