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Working from Bed

Working from Bed

Suddenly, more people than ever are working from home (WFH). A quick search will net you tons of articles on crafting the perfect home office, carving out desk space where you least expect it, and how to stay organized when your office is also your house. Let’s be honest, though. For many people, WFH often means WFB: working from bed.

Tips on Making Your Bed into your Office

We know, we know, most experts will tell you not to do this. Your bedroom space is supposed to be sacrosanct, used only for sleeping. What’s more, WFB can cause poor posture, wreck the psychological boundaries between work and relaxation, and dirty up your sheets. These are all valid points, but since human nature is what it is, we’d like to offer some best practices for when you do decide to break the rules and make your bed your office.

  • Support your spine. If this isn’t your first priority, you’re sure to end up in pain after just a short stretch of WFB life. That’s not fun for anyone, so configure your cushions appropriately or invest in some back support. This could be a foam wedge cushion, a bed lounge pillow, or, if you’re really ready to invest in this lifestyle, an adjustable bed. The point is to provide proper support to keep your spine in alignment.
  • Get your laptop off your lap. Having your laptop slightly raised will prevent some of the inevitable hunching over that strains your back and neck. What’s more, a laptop on a hard surface is less likely to overheat. A lap desk may fit the bill, but a bed tray is an even better idea. For something sturdier and more permanent, consider an over-the-bed table or a nightstand with an extendable top.
  • Keep your supplies close at hand. It’s pleasant to work from your bed, but less so to constantly have to get up and retrieve supplies. Create storage that’s easy to access, whether a bin or basket on your bedside table, or a caddy that works with your mattress. Make sure you can easily reach any necessary office supplies, as well as a spill-proof vessel of water. Hydration is important when you’re WFB.
  • Make sure your bedding stays clean. Stay off the sheets if you’re not scrupulously clean, and never eat in bed. Wash your bedding, including blankets and comforter, at least once a week,

Best Beds for Working from Home

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September 19, 2020