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The Perfect Décor for Your Guest Room

The Perfect Décor for Your Guest Room

Is your guest room lacking style? If you want your guests to be comfortable, it’s worth spending a little bit of time and energy on decorating your guest room. The way you decorate is up to you, but here are a few tips for making the most of your hospitable space.

  • First, where will you create your guest space? If you’ve got a full-fledged guest room, that’s great! Even if you don’t, though, there are creative ways to carve out some space in your home for your friends and family members. Do you have an attic? Even if the ceilings slant, it can be converted to a cozy guest room. Maybe you have a room that can multi-task, like an office or playroom. Putting up a curtain or an attractive room divider may be a perfect solution.
  • Give your guests the comforts of home. A mirror, a space to work, bedside reading lamps, a reading nook, a television, and a phone table with a charging station are all great additions to a guest room. Make sure your guests have ample room for hanging clothes and towels, consider providing comfy robes, and give them somewhere to sit other than the bed.
  • Be creative with your theme. Maybe you’ll fill the room with antiques, or perhaps outfit it in a nautical or patriotic theme. It could be minimalistic and modern, or overstuffed and cozy. Have fun with it, especially if you expect to have children as guests, and think about playing off of your home’s location. Remember to put some art on the walls, and use accessories to accent your overall theme.
  • Plan a welcoming color scheme. Blues and greens are restful, while orange is welcoming and cozy, and using browns, reds, and greens together gives a warm, rustic feel. You can use soft, subtle colors, or go with bright, daring color. This is a fun space for trying out new décor ideas.
  • Give your guests plenty of natural light. If you can manage it, let the guest bedroom be a space where natural light floods the room, making it bright and cheerful. Be sure to provide your guests the option of good, solid sleep, either by installing blackout curtains or providing sleep masks.
  • Greenery gives any room a boost. In addition to being attractive, live plants clean the air in a room, making it a more healthful environment.

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July 24, 2020