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Let It Glow: Winter Inspired Bedroom Decor Ideas

Let It Glow: Winter Inspired Bedroom Decor Ideas

Is there anything as comforting in the dead of winter as a cozy bedroom? Snuggled in your warm bed, it’s easy to feel comfy and wake with joy. How can you take your bedroom to the next level this winter, with décor that looks as good as your warm, inviting bedroom feels? We have some suggestions.

Pile on the layers.

Get ready to spend the cold weather in comfort by layering on bedding, throws, and pillows in a variety of luxurious textures. Think chunky knits, warm tartans, flannel sheets in seasonal patterns, velvet comforters, and faux fur pillows.

Brighten up your color.

Winter can get cold and dark, and this can sometimes feel depressing. Bringing a few pops of bright colors into your space, perhaps with a bold throw or some patterned pillows, can lighten your mood and keep your space from looking stark. The palette you pick is up to you: everything goes in winter, from winter whites to pastels to warm, rich colors to holiday hues.

Let in some light.

Lighting is always important, but never more than when the days are short, and the nights are dark. Consider pulling in some extra lamps to brighten up your space. You might also consider purchasing some special lights that mimic sunlight, especially if you are negatively impacted by the lack of sun in the winter months.

Bring the holidays into your room.

Whatever this means to you, whether plaids, Scandi or Alpine motifs, wreaths and greenery, or even stockings, pulling a little bit of seasonal joy into your bedroom is a great way to make it inviting. 

Create coziness with a warm glow.

A fireplace is ideal, but candles, string lights, and lanterns give that snug, flickering ambiance as well. 

Change out your bed.

In addition to choosing new accessories, it’s fun to pick a whole new bedding set for winter. How will you bring your winter style into your bedroom? Will it be plaids or tartans, bright winter whites, creamy pastels, or whimsical holiday décor? Look at your bedroom furniture with a critical eye. Could you benefit from a new mattress? Would an upholstered bench help create a more comforting atmosphere? When you’re ready to refresh your bedroom, contact Mancini’s Sleepworld or call 800-647-5337 today!

December 21, 2020