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Is Your Nursery Pinterest Perfect?

Is Your Nursery Pinterest Perfect?

You have a little one on the way? Congratulations! It’s time to design your nursery. As you pore over Pinterest, looking for inspiration to make your nursery perfect, we urge you to do one thing: stop. As much as you may want to design a picture-perfect haven of bliss, you need to remember that a real child is going to live in this room. Here, we have some real-world tips for creating a nursery that actually works.

  • Start with storage. Babies have a lot of stuff, and kids have even more. You’re not just going to need storage space, you’re going to need storage that’s compartmentalized for zillions of tiny things. It’s smart to incorporate storage with bins, boxes, and drawers that can be used first for one thing, and then for another.
  • Plan for growth. Children grow quickly, and their rooms need to grow with them. That sweet little nursery you planned for an infant needs to be suitable for a wobbly toddler, an inquisitive preschooler, and a busy child. Choose a color scheme and furniture that’s going to last, so that all you have to do is switch out accessories to update for the next phase.
  • Consider safety. You won’t want hard floors and sharp edges that can result in bumps, bruises, and emergency room trips, and you will want eco-friendly materials that are safe and nontoxic for your little one. When it comes to the crib, those fluffy bedding sets of yore have proven to be hazardous. Choose a really great crib sheet, because that’s all you need in a crib. Then invest in sleep sacks, so your baby can stay warm safely.
  • Think practically. The furniture in your baby’s room should be sturdy and stable. When you’re choosing it, think about how the room will be used. You need a space for changing diapers, though an actual changing table may not be as practical as a dresser that’s a comfortable height for you to reach, with a changing pad on top. Dressers provide practical storage, and once diaper changing days have gone, the dresser will still have many years of use. You’ll need somewhere to throw those diapers away, and a comfortable chair in which to cuddle, rock, and feed your baby. Remember to leave plenty of floor space for playing.
  • Looks should be last. Once it’s practical, make it beautiful. Choose décor that makes you happy and artwork that the baby won’t immediately outgrow.

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January 28, 2020