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Additional Ideas for Your Dreamy Guest Bedroom

Additional Ideas for Your Dreamy Guest Bedroom

Do you love inviting your friends and family over to stay at your home? If yes, then it is important to give your guests the perfect staycation bedroom. Having a theme-based guest bedroom can make them feel at home. All you need to do is to look at your spare guest room from a creative perspective and dress it up to make an everlasting impression on your guests. In this article we’ll make sure that you don’t have to spend so much and yet provide a beautiful facility for your guests to live in. 

Guest bedrooms give a personalized feel to your guests for their stay. The room needs to help them relax and feel at peace. Holidays are the perfect time to bond with the guests. And what makes the holidays more happening? It’s the hospitality you extend to your guests in terms of their stay. If you think decorating a guest room can dig a deep hole in your pockets, it’s time to think again. We are spilling the beans for you on decorating guest rooms by spending a minimal amount. 

How to Decorate a Guest Room?

It all starts with neutral tones. Drape your walls in neutral palate for a warm and cozy vibe. Don’t be too gawdy with your selection of colors. You should always make room for extra seating and storage. Extra seating in room gives the room a relaxing vibe. Make sure to add lots of plant decoration for a fresh and positive appeal. You can place rugs near the bed to give a warm feeling when they take the first step out of bed. You can make various kinds of animals using towels to welcome your guests. 

While accessorizing is extremely important, the bed is what must be given an extra impetus to. Gift your guests a good night’s sleep by making sure that everything from bedding to mattresses are plush, cozy and comfortable. Below are some guest bedroom decor ideas you can use to make your guests more comfortable and fall in love with your hospitality. 

  • Start with Bedding

A bed is a very crucial part of the aesthetics of any bedroom and even more vital when it comes to your guest bedroom. We advise you to keep things simple, classic, and cohesive in nature design-wise. You can stick to a matching bed set with neutral colors and go for a duvet to support the arrangement. Duvets are more comfortable than comforters and are also easier to manage for you. You can switch to another when you have new guests incoming as they do not cost much either.

Try to choose a breathable and soft fabric for sheets, so your guests rest well. Also, get sheets that come with matching pillowcases. This way, you won’t have to do any extra shopping and impress your guests too, at the same time. 

  • Pillowcases

Apart from matching pillowcases, you can also use different kinds of pillowcases and play around. There are many fun pillow designs available in the market which you can use. However, make sure to keep the color of pillowcases and the bed sheet similar to make it look beautiful and sassy. For example, get some throw pillows for warmth or use graphic pillowcases with a theme. Also, make sure that you keep cooling pillowcases, so your guests sleep comfortably at night. 

  • Nightstand

A nightstand is one of those bedroom commodities which you buy. Yes, you may think there’s no need for it until there is. So, make sure there is a nightstand near the bed in your guest bedroom. You can keep a lamp on it or fill it with a vase. Many people also leave the nightstand empty so the guests can keep their essentials such as watches, wallets, and mobiles. So, when you go out on nightstand shopping, make sure to get a neutral color. The nightstand will blend easily and not look out of place in the bedroom. 

  • Lighting

There are two kinds of people- who sleep in the dark and those who like a dim light while sleeping. However, as the host, you have to give them both choices. Also, light can help sleep and also keep awake. Thus, make sure the lights you are using in the guest bedroom are soft. The last thing you want for your guests is to keep them awake late at night. 

You can opt for glow lighting that is soft and is often used as a lullaby. These lights are soft and do not create a distraction for sleepers. Instead, it puts them in a deep sleep and provides them a good night’s sleep. 

  • Blankets

We have talked a lot about decorating but let’s not forget blankets. It’s an essential part of wedding decorations. When you pick a neutral color for the room, blankets are a great guest bedroom tip to add more colors. Blankets also add texture to your bland space without seeking unwanted attention. You can opt for something as simple as throw blankets available for aesthetics and get cozy up quickly. You can also opt for heavy blankets to make your guests feel safer in bed. 

  • Beds & Frames

Any list for guest bedroom decorating ideas is incomplete without the mention of beds and frames. Why? Because beds and frames form the essence of a room. Thus, it can be helpful when you have a bed that complements the room and makes your guests feel extravagant. Also, the bed frame needs to be supportive and provide comfort. You can get them in colors contrasting the room or same. The choice is yours but imagine what would look better before rushing to buy. 

Apart from putting a queen or king-size bed, you can also opt for twin beds or bunk beds. They will give extra space in the room and create space for more people. Also, everyone has to agree on how cool bunk beds look. So, next time when you intend to decorate your guest room, start with a bed and its frame. 

  • Mattress

Complete your guest bedroom decoration with a must-have comfort- mattress. The mattress you place in your guest bedroom needs to suit all kinds of guests. Get a mattress that is not too hard or soft either. Everyone has their perception of comfort when it comes to mattresses, so you need the mattress to be supportive, comfortable, and easing for guests. Thus, we advise you to opt for a medium-firm mattress on the firmness scale. 

Where to Get Personalized Guest Room Décor Ideas?

Sleep Science suggests visiting a mattress store staffed by experts who know the details. This way, you can get specific information and understand more about what is better for you. For example, at Mancini’s Sleepworld, sleep experts will help you with every bedroom need. You can schedule an appointment and visit their store near you, as they have 34 locations across Northern California. 

September 09, 2021