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Simple Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Bedroom

Simple Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Bedroom

Sprucing up your bedroom

You can bring life to your bedroom by tweaking and twitching in some areas. It will definitely worth the investment you make. Further, we share some simple steps you can follow to make the interiors of your bedroom more interesting. 

Let there be light, let there be life

The right amount of lighting is required in your room not only because of the decor, but it is good for ventilation and it has natural properties to alleviate depression and anxiety. Hence the first step is to get the lighting done right. 

For a dreamy look of your bedroom, you need to have warm lighting. This would involve using low voltage lamps and fairy lights. Fairy lights would add a sparkle to your otherwise dull room, they work perfectly as a night lamp if you have a habit of sleeping with some light in the room.

Have a colors splash

Unless you are going for a boho look, use the colors in your room wisely. In a boho look, there is no constraint of colors you can use but for a dreamy look, you should go for a color-coordinated scheme. 

For your bedroom color schemes go for soft colors like white, pastels, light earthy tones, and similar ones, these colors would not drive attention away from the lights, instead, they would enhance the interiors even more. 

If you have pre-painted walls or wallpaper which is of a dark color, then you should go and look for neutral-colored bed sheets and blankets. You can always play with the color of your rugs and covers you decide to use.

You can even bring some freshness to the room by using some greens. Indoor plants like a string of pearls, money plant would be best as they require less maintenance and go really well at any temperature.

The bed and the bedding

The most prominent part of your room is your bed. In most rooms, the bed is the center of attraction. You can choose any kind of bed of your liking, but the catch here is that you need to have a mattress that is soft and comfortable. 

Have a comfy mattress that could relieve you of all the sores and aches after a tiring day. A good mattress offers an ideal balance of comfort and support by significantly improving the quality of Sleep. For a comfortable mattress, you can always browse through a range of mattresses available at Mancini’s Sleepworld.

Use coordinated bed sheets and duvet covers which accentuate the dreamy look of the room. For a cozier look, you can use a woolen cover or a blanket. 

It’s all about the ornaments

The ornaments used in the room can range from a big full-sized mirror to a bedside, nightstand, or even a caddy corner dresser. All the ornaments play an important role in defining the interior of your bedroom. 

Out of these an essential piece of furniture which is needed in your room is a nightstand. The nightstand should complement the furniture to the bed. Depending upon the size of your room and bed the nightstand should be chosen. 

A classic wooden stand serves all the purpose but there are many options available for nightstands which you can experiment with. If you already own an old nightstand you can make it into a new one by simply painting it or changing the knobs of the drawers. 

Work from Bed

With the advent of WFH (Work from Home), much of the time is spent by people in their bedroom and more specifically bed. It is unhealthy to sit in one position for long-duration on your bed. It can give you a body ache and cause lethargy while working. 

Set up a WFH table or bring a WORK-FROM-BED table. With fancy furniture and additions available you can make your own small work station in your bedroom.

“There’s no bedroom like the one you’ve got, because that bedroom belongs to you…...”

As long as you spend time in your room with your loved ones, it will always be a perfect place for you to rest and enjoy, there is just a need for personal bedroom design to make your room bit more interesting. In the end, it depends on how you want your room to look, the size of the room, the ceiling height, and the existing furniture you own. Everything revolves around how you would like the interiors to be and what looks better there.

February 01, 2021