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How to Stay Cool While Sleeping?

How to Stay Cool While Sleeping?

After a long and hard day at work or college, all you want to do is come home and chill out. Some like to hang out with friends playing games, and others like to tuck in with family for a night before going to bed. No matter what you choose to do after reaching home, the constant is relaxing. We want to cozy up and drift off to the dreamland, but that doesn’t always happen. No, not because Netflix isn’t working but because of the temperature. 

Sleep Science says our bodies start to drop the temperature as we prepare for bed. That’s why we prefer to sleep cool. However, not everyone gets to do that every night. During a survey, Sleep Science found that temperature is the #1 reason most sleepers find it challenging to sleep. People don’t find that sweet spot on the thermostat, and even after finding it, some can’t sleep quickly. 

We have a list of tips that you can try as per your preference and possibility. Just so you know, the recommendations are not guesswork but suggested and approved by science to help you sleep. The only advice we give is to take those actions according to your body and natural circadian rhythm. 

How to Keep Cool at Night?

Apart from the temperature of your room, there are many other factors which can cause you to be sleeping hot. It can also be your schedule, stress, or hormones. If you live in a hot location and cannot sleep easily, the temperature is the culprit. The great thing is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to sleep cool. A change in your mattress can help you quickly with that. There are mattresses for hot sleepers, specifically made for those who feel hot at night in bed. 

It doesn’t matter what obstacle you may be suffering that’s causing you sleepless nights. Below are sleeping solutions to sleep cool.

  • Small Air Conditioner

The simplest way to cool your room is by investing in an AC. There’s no need for a central air system to keep cool air circulating at night. You don’t even need a conventional window in the room because there are other options. There are non-window-mounted air conditioners that are effective and just sit on the floor. These AC come only need a window to vent out, and the window can be smaller than the standard size. 

You can also invest in air conditioners that don’t require windows. However, these air conditioners take a little longer to cool the room. Thus, you can turn them on about an hour before bedtime, so you find it cool enough when it’s time to tuck in. There are all kinds of air conditioners in the market to help you sleep cool. If you have time and money to invest, check out the available options that suit the room and fit perfectly.

  • Sun During the Day

A sleeping tip to sleep cool at night, but you have to do it during the day. Yes, get some sun! Go out of the house in the morning for a walk or after lunch to absorb some sun rays. Soaking sunrays is good for tan, but it also helps your hormones understand the sleep-wake cycle. 

Exposure to the sun will regulate your hormones and release the wake hormone cortisol. This exposure will not only help you be awake but also release energy hormones for the day. When it gets dark, your body will start to release melatonin, the sleep hormone. The regulation of these hormones also handles body temperature accordingly so you can sleep better.

However, not everyone gets enough sun, sometimes due to the weather and most times because we’re inside. The lack of exposure throws our biological clocks off and causes us a more extended period to fall asleep. Thus, a sufficient intake of the sun can help the body to regulate hormones better. So you’ll naturally be cool in the evening and active during the day. This should solve your query of how to stay cool at night and how to be active during the day.

  • New Pajamas

If your pajamas or nightdress is made of thick fabric, it can restrict your movement. It would help if you had lighter fabric night garments as it helps to sleep better at night. If you wear only underwear and still feel hot, wearing more lightweight clothes is better than underwear. For example, men and women wear underwear to cause sweat in those regions. So, if you wear something baggy and lighter, there will be enough space for air to pass and give you a good night’s sleep. 

Some people wear pajamas with a t-shirt to bed and still sleep cool. This difference is because of the material. The material you choose for clothes regulates how the temperature in the body. For example, sweatpants and flannel pajama bottoms are hotter than pajamas made from cotton. Also, silk and Bamboo fabrics are cooler materials than cotton. If you sleep in hot pajamas, try switching to a cooler fabric for a night of better sleep. You can also try sleeping naked as it’s the best way to keep your body cool in bed.

  • Mattress

Sleeping on a high-quality and breathable mattress is one of the best ways to sleep cooler and comfortably. There are times when you are hot while sleeping and it’s not the weather, so what is? It has to be your mattress. Everybody generates a lot of heat and sweat while sleeping. A cool gel memory foam mattress will put the moisture away from your body and help you fall asleep.

Many brands now offer mattresses with specialized cooling gel memory foams. You can choose among them or visit a mattress store and take help from sleep experts. For example, sleep experts at Mancini’s Sleepworld will help take your preferences and provide mattress options accordingly. You can just book an appointment and get amazing discounts also. 

September 15, 2021