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How to Reset Sleep Schedule?

How to Reset Sleep Schedule?

Some people start to feel sleepy at the same time every day and wake up too. Why is that? They don’t even set the alarm to wake up or force their body to go to sleep every night. This is because their body is set to follow a similar pattern known as the sleep-wake cycle. Unless they’re traveling to different time zones or pulling an all-nighter, their body follows a sleep-wake routine. 

Consistent sleep pattern is a keep factor in providing quality sleep along with timely rest. However, sleep schedules are different for every other person. There are many surroundings and environmental cues that contribute to the creation of sleep patterns. Some factors that aid our sleeping patterns include activeness during the day, alarm timings, eating, and going to bed. 

Our sleep schedules primarily depend on the signals we send to our bodies. For example, watching a show in the bed will signal the body to change sleep time. You may have developed a habit of sleeping at 2 am, but it’s not impossible to change that. Also, it’s not very difficult to change sleep schedules and give your body a hygienic routine. 

Now, if you’re thinking of correcting your schedule and take good care of your body, you’ll need to reset the sleep cycle. Our sleep cycle follows a rhythm known as the circadian rhythm. The sleep-wake process and circadian rhythm regulate hormones, body temperature, moods, and physical, mental, and behavioral changes. 

The master clock of our body is located in a part of the brain connected to the retina. It receives information from the retina and passes the same to other body parts. The clock passes information to the gland that produces the sleep hormone known as melatonin. The retina is crucial in the process as being in the presence of light suppresses melatonin production. 

It means that light coming from other artificial sources like laptops, TV screens, and smartphones is not good either. Not using these devices before or in bed can keep improving your sleep schedule. On the other hand, indulging in technology around bedtime can keep you awake at night. 

Tips for Resetting Sleep Schedule

Not being able to sleep and wake up on time is a constant problem many Americans face in their day-to-day lives. The reason could be staying up late even when you don’t want to or oversleeping, causing you to sleep late the following night. However, below are some tips you can try to turn around your schedule as you wish. 

  • Adjust your bedtime

The first thing to remember about adjusting your bedtime is patience. It’s not going to happen in a night but will happen gradually. Start moving slowly towards your desired sleeping hour. It’s easier to push sleep timings than to advance them. Thus, don’t try to sleep at 10 pm if you sleep at 2 am the past week. Try sleeping at 1 am for a few nights and then at midnight. Likewise, you’ll wake up earlier than usual and can bring your sleep to the desired hour. 

You can also try a slower process suggested by Sleep Science experts of advancing sleep routine between 15 and 30 minutes. This change is only for two to three days, meaning every alternate day try moving the time and see results. 

  • No naps in between

Sleeping during the day, even for half an hour, can cause sleep disruptions at night. Instead, indulge in some physical activity like exercising when you feel drowsy during the day. It’ll also tire you out and put you to sleep faster at night. 

  • Sleeping and waking up at the same time every day

To maintain a consistent sleep schedule, it’s crucial to sleep and wake up at constant times. Sleep professionals suggest our mind needs an alarm clock. Thus, get an actual alarm clock and don’t hit the snooze button. Our brain doesn’t understand sleeping more on the weekends and more petite during weekdays or traveling. Instead, it signals to produce melatonin and put the body to sleep and wake up at the same time. 

Changing the thought process about sleeping in your mind can also help to change the sleep schedule. Thinking about the next day and moving forward in life puts the body to rest and get ready. For example, getting up in the morning and getting out of bed are not the same things. You wake up when you’ve slept enough and get out of bed to do something productive. 

  • Avoid light exposure before bedtime

According to various studies, light exposure in the evening pushes the sleeping schedule. The easiest way is to dim lights around the house and switch them off when going to bed. The brain understands the sleep-wake cycle according to light. Thus, it’s crucial to avoid sunlight a few hours before going to bed.

  • Light therapy rhythm

Light therapy is based on the amount of exposure during the day to promote drowsiness at night. You can quickly shift your circadian rhythm with excess bright light exposure during the day. It’ll deceive your brain into thinking it’s time to work, and when the lights go out, it’ll start to power down. The lights will go out tonight, and by powering down, we mean going to sleep. 

However, it’s better to be under excessive light close to waking up and not before bedtime. So, you can be under extra light in the morning and tone it down as the day progresses. After a while, you won’t need light therapy as the brain will start to grasp dawn and dusk timings. 

How to Reset Sleep Cycle Without Doing Anything?

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November 17, 2021