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What are Various Sleep Deprivation Stages?

What are Various Sleep Deprivation Stages?

What are Various Sleep Deprivation Stages?

Note:this post is to share information only, not medical advice.

We have all had nights that kept us awake at night. The reason could be anything like suffering from anxiety, travel arrangements, being stuck with a snoring partner, or something else. The effect of not sleeping at night is called sleep deprivation and can be felt the following day.

Learning about various sleep deprivation stages and the associated symptoms can help you understand why you’re up at night. Knowing the signs can also help to counter them and sleep better, comfortable, and for longer. You should know about sleep deprivation because the longer you stay up at night, the more physical and mental problems mayarise. Thus, it’s crucial to have a good night’s sleep and not become prey to sleep deprivation.

What Causes Sleep Deprivation?

Sleep deprivation is a phenomenon where you don’t get enough sleep that the body needs to function aptly. Sleep deprivation can make you feel tired, less focused, and decreased reaction time, along with other physical health problems like obesity and others.

The causes of sleep deprivation are a long list, and not all of them are natural causes. For example, stealing a couple of hours at night to complete that assignment or project for the following day could cause a lack of sleep. You may accomplish the task but won’t have enough energy to present it the next day. Also, you won’t be looking fresh for the meeting and may yawn in the middle of the presentation. Such a representationis not doing any favors to anyone.

Sleep deprivation can also cause many other side effects: daytime drowsiness,impaired cognitive functions, insufficient energy, and decreased concentration. Secondary side effects of not sleeping for 36 hours are irritation and anger for no/little reasons, increased stress, food cravings leading to obesity, visual misperceptions, and slow reaction time.

Also, if you’re thinking, “can sleep deprivation can cause hallucination” the answer is yes. Not resting enough at night can make you see things that aren’t real during theday. Thus, regulating your sleep stages is crucial to fight the urge to stay up at night.

The Stages of Sleep Deprivation

The most vital fact about the stages of sleep deprivationis that it doesn’t affect everyone in the same way. Some people may experience heavier side effects of not sleeping for the same amount as someone else. So, it’s important to understand different sleep stages and their symptoms to regulate sleep better in the schedule.

If you also constantly experience a lack of sleep, it’s best to consult a doctor and get help. Consulting a doctor will help you reach the root of your sleep deprivation problem. A professional will also help you to sleep for long enough and not up for days.

  • Stage 1: no sleep for 24 hours

Staying up for more thana dayis not suitable for health and can cause severe symptoms. You’ll feel side effects, feel constantly tired, and find difficulty in completing everyday tasks. Activities that require total attention, such as driving, may become dangerous. Another fact about not sleeping for more than 24 hours is equivalent to having a 0.1% blood alcohol level. This blood level is not for overall health and is also higher than most states’ legal limit.

Everyone may experience different side effects of not sleeping for 24 hours, but some common symptoms are:

  • Anger
  • Drowsiness
  • Food cravings
  • Slow reaction time
  • Irritation
  • Impaired concentration

If you keep increasing the time of going sleepless, more and more problems keep arising.

  • Stage 2: no sleep for 36 hours

Not sleeping for 24 hours is dangerous, so of course, going sleepless for 36 hours is worse. Along with impaired concentration and slow reaction time, your physical health will also take a toll. Research suggests not sleeping for 36 hours can cause increased appetite and increase chances of developing cardiovascular disease soon.

  • Stage 3: no sleep for 48hours

Many side effects are mentioned of not sleeping for 36 hours, but going sleepless for two days straight has more in the store. After being for 48 hours, you experience microsleep. This condition is an experience where you fall asleep for a few seconds, and your brain is in a deep sleep state. Along with microsleep, you may also experience other symptoms like:

  1. High irritability
  2. Depersonalization
  3. High confusion state
  4. Immune system decline

Yes, your immune system will also start to affect your body, and response time goes down.

  • Stage 4: no sleep for 72 hours

When you don’t sleep for 72 hours (or three days) straight, all the symptoms mentioned above become more severe. You will experience worsened moods and higher cholesterol levels. The urge to sleep will become more intense, and microsleep will be more frequent. This stage is where you will also experience hallucinations and disordered thinking.

  • Stage 5: no sleep for 96 or more hours

It’s dangerous to not sleep for 24 hours; imagine not sleeping for more than 96 hours. Sleep is how our bodies recharge, and you’re depriving them of that opportunity by not resting. Studies on sleep deprivation predict that the longer you stay up, the brain becomes that much more psychotic.

The range can be anywhere from visual misperceptions to complex hallucinations. However, both experiences are not suitable for your body. When you stay awake for four days straight, your perception of reality is distorted, and you see the world differently.

How to Treat Sleep Deprivation?

You know how much disturbance not sleeping can create for your mental and physicalstate. However, many practices can put you to sleep quickly and for longer. You can trysome music, yoga, exercise, lifestyle changes, and many others. However, the most uncomplicated change studies show is sleeping on a perfect mattress for your body.

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October 14, 2021