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What are the Benefits of Healthy Sleeping Habits?

What are the Benefits of Healthy Sleeping Habits?

Sleep plays a very prominent role that our body needs to recharge the mind and refresh the body when we wake up. A body that sleeps enough is also prone to common diseases, which can turn hazardous quickly. Also, waking up after a good sleep keeps you alert with a sharper brain for the following 12-14 hours minimum. When you don’t sleep enough, the functioning of the brain isn’t smooth enough. Sleep deprivation can cause the inability to think, concentrate, and process. 

Most adults require a regular sleep time between 7 and 9 hours every day. Teenagers and children should sleep more, especially children under five years of age. Things such as day-to-day stress, work schedules, bedroom environment, medical conditions, technology, and social media may prevent us from having good sleeping time. However, it is essential to schedule your day in a way that you get enough sleeping time. You can also go for a healthy diet and some positive lifestyle changes in your routine to ensure you sleep well. 

How Much Sleep You Need?

Sleeping can increase productivity but only when you sleep for the appropriate amount your body needs. Sleep improves memory, keeps your heart healthier, and can also boost your mood. For example, if you are ever feeling down, take a nap, and you will indeed feel refreshed after waking up. 

Most adults need to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours regularly. If you don’t have enough time to sleep for these many hours, then make changes or suffer consequences for the long run. Along with several hours, a night of quality sleep is also essential, so you feel fresh when you wake up. A healthier heart needs to sleep so the mind and body can also relax. This sleep schedule will keep you away from common illnesses and more significant diseases as you grow older. 

How Long Should Children Sleep?

The sleep timings of children depend on their age and are variable accordingly. Sleeping improves your immune system, so kids need to sleep longer than adults.

Teenagers should sleep for 8 to 10 hours every night. 

School-aged children should sleep for 9-12 hours every night.

Pre-schoolers should sleep for 10-13 hours every day (including naps).

Toddlers should sleep for 11-14 hours every day (including naps).

Babies should sleep for 12-16 hours every day (including naps).

What are the Benefits of Healthy Sleeping Habits?

There are many benefits of having a healthy sleep schedule. It’s amazing how just going to sleep for enough hours can change your whole life in the most positive way possible. Also, Sleep Science suggests using a mattress protector for better and comfortable sleep. Other advantages of sleeping are,

  • Mood Boost

One of the most vital roles the brain plays when you sleep is processing emotions. The brain uses this sleeping time to analyze and react to the feelings you have been through during the day. So, when you don’t sleep for long enough, more negative emotions surface deteriorates positivity. 

Lack of sleep can also increase your possibilities of having mood disorders along with sleep disorders. In addition, a study has shown that insomnia can also increase depression, panic disorders, and anxiety attacks chances reasonably. 

  • Sharper Brain

When you don’t sleep enough, you feel drowsy and miss out on details. Also, it becomes hard to recall events later when you don’t have enough sleep. This loss happens as sleeping plays a very crucial in keeping your learning abilities and memory healthy. When you sleep enough, you can remember and focus on new information efficiently. Your brain is focused and has enough time to store memory so you can recall them later. 

  • Healthier Heart

Your blood pressure runs down when you sleep, providing rest to your blood vessels and heart. The more you sleep, the lower your blood pressure stays during the 24-hour cycle. Low blood pressure is essential to avoid heart diseases, including stroke. Also, short naps during daylight can have a better effect in the long term. 

  • Athletic Performance

If you are into sports, especially the ones like boxing, wrestling, or weightlifting, which requires quick energy busts, sleep loss may not affect you at large. However, if you are into swimming, running, biking, and other such sports, a proper sleep schedule is a must. Sleeping increases your immune system, keeps you charged for the next athletic battle to come. 

  • Body Weight

Weight gain and sleep go hand in hand. Not sleeping adequately results in increasing weight and sleeping properly helps in burning calories. People who sleep for a sufficient amount of time tend to burn more calories and keep in shape than those who don’t follow a sleep pattern. Research conducted by some scientists revealed that 89% of children and 55% of adults with short sleep duration were obese. Thus, one of the easiest ways to lose weight along with exercising is to sleep more. 

  • Germ Fighting

When you sleep, your immune system is most robust, and during that time, it fights illnesses that may be affecting you even minutely. Our body is a host to many viruses and diseases; it’s important to fight them off naturally as much as possible. So while you are in the dream world, your immune system kills those diseases and keeps you healthy. However, if you continuously go on a no-sleep streak, the cells don’t fight those diseases, and you may get sick often.  

How to Sleep for Long Enough?

As we stated at the start, use a mattress protector for better sleep, cooler temperature, a dark environment, and many other ways. One of the most accessible techniques to stay in bed for longer than usual is to get a comfortable mattress. A mattress that can fulfill all your sleeping needs like supporting your sleeping position, back, hip, joint, and all other types of pains. 

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July 30, 2021