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Travel tips to beat your jet lag

Travel tips to beat your jet lag

The problems of long-haul travelers are challenging to understand. Those overseas journeys above international lands and waters, and through the clouds can bring some scintillating feelings in one’s lifetime but as rightly said, all good things come with their reserved set of cons.

Jet lags can ruin the experience of a good trip, especially if it’s a long-haul flight for say, a week’s holiday, it happens that your body takes time to adjust to the local time zone until the 3rd, 4th, or 5th day, depending on how many time zones you have crossed. That’s because your mind and soul might wander, but your body needs its time to accept change at every turn.

The human body is immune to food, light, sleep, work, rest at a particular time according to the daily routines, but long haul travels might disrupt the same and be a major obstacle in terms of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Many travel writers and columnists have given tips and tricks to beat jet lag in the easiest and the simplest of ways with science and positivity. Here are some of those to help you beat jet lag:

1. Plan Your Day, Save Your Day

Prevention is always better than cure. If you know that you will be traveling on longer journeys, getting ahead of your schedule will be able to prepare your body for the time zone coming ahead. Planning your sleep and meals according to your new time, the zone will prepare your body beforehand. Set your watch to the new time, days before.

2. Sweat it out

Exercise alters the molecular clock in tissues like the muscles and lungs. Hence, the day before you travel, treat your body to a good, hard workout. It will tire you out, helping you get a good night's sleep before the journey setting your body's rhythm to travel joyfully.

3. Cold Showers

If you feel tired or drowsy before your journey begins, bathing or showering in cold water can help overcome fatigue and sleep, considerably. This will help your body clock adjust to the new sleep patterns and get rid of the old ones.

4. Catch some Zzz's

Sleeping on a flight really works wonders, however, it is something that should be done in moderation. Over-sleeping may make you feel worse after landing. Calculate the difference between the time zones you are traveling and understand when and how long you should sleep. 

5. Get a little dose of sunlight and vitamin D

Soaking up the Sun and vitamin D will prove beneficial in keeping your body awake, active, and healthy. The light is the greatest regulator of sleep for our body, if your body tends to be sleepy, long walks in the sun or the beach might wake you up. Resist the urge to sleep during the day.

6. Supplement Your Body, Supplement Your Sleep

Melatonin is a body hormone also sold as a supplement in the market, will work wonders in regulating your sleep cycle. The body levels of this hormone regulate with light, so until your body is accustomed to the days and nights there, melatonin may just be able to manipulate your sleep. But eat in moderation so as not to overdo it.

7. Sleepaway the Lags with proper accessories

Be ready to sleep on the airplane with your eye mask, travel pillows, blankets, noise-canceling earplugs to make sleeping a hell of a lot easier. This will rest your body enough and make the transitions smooth and effective

8. Avoid Alcohol

Flying with a hangover is never going to be fun! It makes you feel sluggish and irritated Match that with a change in time and it’s a recipe for disaster. Also, do not consume intoxicants or caffeine before sleep. It only makes it worse, instead drink water to ease the sleep process.


Sleep is simple and the most natural of all things your body needs after a long hectic journey. Keep in check all your needs, desires, and routines to get a comfortable sleep. Work towards it to regulate the best pattern for your sleep in order to beat jet lag.

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June 29, 2021